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FIAT has been a key supplier to British Cycling since 2009. As well as providing versatile, efficient and environmentally friendly vehicles to support the needs of British Cycling’s performance, recreation and development programmes, FIAT has been a regular supporter of British Cycling’s major events.

This ensures world class events come to the UK, for the benefit of its riders, members and fans.

Brane Bosancic, corporate marketing manager FIAT Group Automotives said: “Since FIAT began its association with British Cycling it has supported a number of projects across the breadth of the organisation. In 2012, during the build up to the Olympic Games, FIAT, at the request of the coaching team, created a team building driving experience day for the men’s team pursuit squad. The team went on to not only win gold but also break the world record.

"FIAT also supported British Cycling’s road safety work with their ‘Let's Clear the Air’ campaign. It aimed to promote mutual respect between all road users while also highlighting the environmental credibility of FIAT’S award winning engine technology.”

Elena Bernardelli, marketing director at Fiat Automobiles UK said: “I’m delighted that FIAT continues to support British Cycling, and indeed, will continue to do so for the foreseeable future.

"This partnership has brought not only immense sporting success, such as London 2012, but has also contributed to an awareness of our products by the fast growing cycling community.

"We are looking forward to the federation’s next membership milestone and its further successes on the way to Rio 2016.”

British Cycling members can also benefit from FIAT’s support by registering to get access to the latest offers from across the FIAT Group range.