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TrainingPeaks has been supporting data driven coaching within British Cycling as a supplier since 2011. The system has been incorporated into the British Cycling performance programme, from talent development up to Olympic and Paralympic gold medal-winning riders.

TrainingPeaks was born out of Joe Friel’s growing coaching business in the late 90’s.

With the development of the internet and the need to apply a more scientific view to the art of coaching, TrainingPeaks, the world’s first online training log, allowing coaches to work with an unlimited number of athletes while using state of the art technology to assess and develop their performance was released.

Since then the system has grown to became a neutral platform allowing any coach to deliver their own methodology, or any athlete to train intelligently and effectively according to a plan of their choice.

The ability of TrainingPeaks to create individual and specific coaching set ups has proved vital for British Cycling with its varied disciplines, squads and age group tiers.

TrainingPeaks also support the development of coaches across the UK by offering significant discounts to British Cycling’s qualified coaches.

Additionally the European leg of the TrainingPeaks University is staged annually at the National Cycling Centre, giving delegates access to one of the world’s most successful training centres and the chance to see how the technology is used in the elite field.

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