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Chris Boardman calls on Windsor and Maidenhead Council to withdraw an injunction against Velolife café

The British Cycling Policy Adviser has called an Enforcement Notice, placed on a cyclist café by a local council ‘a shameful waste of scarce public money to prevent an activity they should be strongly encouraging'.

Published on: 08/10/2019

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British Cycling announces collaboration with Playing Out

British Cycling is joining forces with the UK-wide parent-led movement Playing Out to empower mums and dads to take back control of their streets and give their children the chance to play out.

Published on: 11/09/2019

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Start your #CycletoWorkDay journey with CommuteSmart

Today (8 August) at British Cycling we’re celebrating Cycle to Work Day - the UK’s biggest cycle commuting event. If you're ready to ditch the car, bus or train for two wheels, check out our CommuteSmart videos here.

Published on: 07/08/2019

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Government action urgently needed to hit walking and cycling targets

The Walking and Cycling Alliance is urging the Government to seriously commit to funding significant improvements in active travel, following the publication of a new report.

Published on: 23/07/2019

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Cycling and insurance: FAQs

Over the last few days you may have read about the high-profile case of a cyclist who was found by a judge to be partially to blame following a collision with a pedestrian who stepped out into the road. As a result, we’ve pulled together a few of your FAQs.

Published on: 25/06/2019

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Time to get behind our commissioners

British Cycling is proud to be supporting the five policy asks announced today by Britain’s six leading cycling and walking commissioners, which seek to increase the funding allocated to cycling and walking, make a political commitment to minimum quality levels and account for the true cost of car use to society.

Published on: 14/06/2019

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British Cycling and HSBC UK announce launch of Cycle Nation Project

Read more about the largest cycling participation trial ever conducted in the UK.

Published on: 03/06/2019

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British Cycling statement: Safer Streets Bill

British Cycling Policy Manager Nick Chamberlin has today expressed his disappointment at the decision of Holyrood’s Rural Economy and Connectivity Committee not to recommend approval of Scotland’s Safer Streets bill, and urged British Cycling members to join in one last push to encourage MSPs to support the campaign.

Published on: 31/05/2019

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