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British Cycling and See.Sense's four-year partnership (which began in 2018) sees British Cycling use the insights detected from See.Sense’s intelligent bike lights to help improve cycling conditions across the UK.

See.Sense’s innovative bike lights shine powerfully both in daylight and at night-time; react to riskier moments (such as at junctions or roundabouts) by automatically flashing stronger and faster; and adjust brightness levels in clearer or lighter conditions to conserve battery and keep cyclists brighter, for longer. The See.Sense mobile app also lets cyclists customise their lights and receive low-battery, crash and theft alerts.

See.Sense lights don’t just make you safer on the road though. They give you a voice.

When cycling with a See.Sense bike light the patented sensor technology within the light monitors your riding experience. This includes detecting real-time information on collisions or near-miss events, road surface quality, journey flow, speed and dwell times. You can then choose to share these aggregated insights with British Cycling via the See.Sense app.

If you do, this will help British Cycling’s work to:

  • help promote active travel
  • improve cycling infrastructure
  • better advocate for funding based on concrete data
  • transform Britain into a cycling nation

See.Sense wants to make cycling better. Cycling that’s safer, more convenient and more enjoyable. Now, every time you cycle with a See.Sense light on, you’ll know that you’re not only more visible on your ride, but you’re also helping to improve cycling for everyone.

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