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KitBrix is an innovative sports bag manufacturer aimed at athletes who need to carry sports clothing and equipment as easily and effectively as possible.

As a company, it strives to solve kit organisation stress and eliminate time wasting associated with packing and equipment management. Born out of the founder’s desire to be organised when competing as a triathlete; the company used military principles to create its first product, a robust modular KitBrix bag that was focused upon making kit organisation quick and easy through brilliantly simple and well thought through design. KitBrix believes efficiency and organisation in preparation makes for a better athlete, and the company’s original bag has since been fine-tuned and proven to be a firm favourite across many endurance and adventure sports. The KitBrix Bag. #organiseandprotect

The KitBrix Bag will fit seamlessly into an active lifestyle, working just as hard as you do. The durable base will keep your gear dry and clean wherever you venture, whether that be the road, track, trails or mud. The zip together function allows you join KitBrix bags together, switch the KitBrix from a shoulder bag to a rucksack, create separate wet and dry sections and personalised icons for each bag will ensure ultimate organisation.

Kitbrix bag on floor next to a person in GBR kit  

The company now also offers a broad range of bags and products which will enable athletes to be organised across a raft of different situations, whether that be travel between competitions, transfers or just getting to the start line with minimum weight.

KitBrix will now supply British Cycling across all disciplines with bags that will help its squads with their training and competition up to and beyond the 2024 Paris Olympics. World leading athletes have been using KitBrix products since 2014 and the company is extremely proud to be the Official Sports Luggage Supplier to British Cycling, a federation that is world renowned for its belief in organisation and attention to detail.

British Cycling can save 15% on all KitBrix purchases - visit your dashboard for more information.

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