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CNP has been providing British Cycling with a full range of nutritional support since 2010. The relationship has enabled British Cycling’s head of nutrition, Nigel Mitchell, to develop individual diets and rider products designed to fuel the Great Britain Cycling Team's continuing success.

CNP now plays a vital role in the full nutritional programme at British Cycling, providing support, products and expertise not only while riders are on the bike, but also during the crucial recovery periods and ensuring the riders are nutritionally balanced to support their day to day nutritional needs. 

Mitchell hails British Cycling's work with CNP as "a really successful partnership." He adds: "The thing we like about them is that they're really, really focussed on quality and innovation. That attitude is vital when you need every last ounce of performance out of the team. Getting the right sports nutrition will give us an edge."

British Cycling members also benefit from the relationship with CNP. Member discounts and nutritional advice via British Cycling’s ‘Insight Zone’ means members have access to the same products and advice as the Great Britain Cycling Team.

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