Coach profile: Andrew Sudworth

Andrew Sudworth

Woking, Surrey

Level 2 Coach
Level 2 MTB Coach
Level 2 RTT Coach
Level 3 MTB Coach
First Aid Certificate 2 Day Outdoor
Level 2 Ride Leader
Level 2 Cyclo-Cross Coach

Day: 07974 142599

Rocks & Road was set up by Andrew to share his passion for mountain biking and road cycling through coaching and guiding.  As an experienced instructor and coach, Andrew works with people at all levels, ensuring fundamental skills are in place to provide a foundation upon which to further develop and challenge their cycling ability.  Whether on a 1-2-1 or group basis, Andrew can target individual needs with video analysis, tailored skills drills and guided mileage to put new techniques into practice.


We take a proactive approach to cycle coaching, we give you the ability to make informed riding decisions, setting you up for success. 

You'll receive the best solutions for now and a foundation for future development.


Let us show you our favourite trails and routes. Guided mileage helps you find new trails and practice your new found skills at any level.

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