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Funding for coaching courses

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The expertise of coaching is at the heart of cycling performance at every level of the sport and with 100% funding available in some regions of the UK, there really has never been a better time to tap into British Cycling's vast array of available courses.

There are openings in every region in Britain for bursaries or grants to help you either take your first steps into cycling coaching, or develop your skills along the coaching pathway through Levels 1, 2 and 3.

Please take a look at the list of options in your area and see if there is funding available to develop your skills as a coach.

Regional and national funding

National funding streams


As of 1 April all UKCC coaching subsidies will now go directly through sportscotland. Previously funding was given out through each governing body of sport but in an effort to reduce administrative burden, the funding process has been centralised and sportscotland will now manage the whole process. For information, eligibility and to complete an application form to apply please see the sportscotland website.


To apply for funding for your club in Wales, visit Sport Wales for available funding opportunities.

Regional funding

North East
North West
Yorkshire and Humber
East Midlands
West Midlands
South East
South West

In addition, British Cycling has recently started to administer its own Bursary scheme to coaches within Go-Ride clubs, details of which are below.

Coaching bursaries

Funding has recently become available for club volunteers looking to undertake a Level 1 or Level 2 coaching qualification.

The coaching bursaries, which have been set at £120 for Level 1 and £150 for Level 2, are being administered through the Go-Ride team and will be given to volunteers in Go-Ride clubs in the following order of priority:

For all enquiries regarding eligibility or to apply, please contact

 *Please note bursaries need to be applied for upfront and can not be retrospectively funded.

Download a coaching bursary application form

Further funding sources

If you can't find anything above that suits your needs, firstly you could check the Sports Coach UK Funding Guide before trying one of the three steps outlined below:

1. Contact the Sport Development Officer in your local authority

There are often programmes and initiatives specifically for local communities that provide bursaries for volunteer training.

2. Contact your county sport partnership

If your local authority cannot help, there may be a broader initiative in your county providing financial assistance for coach education.

Find the contact details for your county sport partnership

3. Contact British Cycling

If there are no bursaries available on a regional level, the next step would be to contact British Cycling on the details below.

Great Start Coaching Programme 2014

Applications are now open for the 2014 Great Start Programme, which supports coaches by giving them the opportunity to apply for grants. Great Start grants are available to both aspiring and amateur coaches who wish to further their qualifications. Find out more here.

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