Certificate in Coaching (Level 3)

Certificate in Coaching (Level 3)

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Level 3 Plan and Prescribe training is essential for coaches who want to support performance-focused riders, through the provision of detailed, individualised training programmes.  

We currently offer courses in the disciplines of mountain bike, road, track, BMX and cyclo-cross.

Course overview

This course is for coaches who hold a Level 2 discipline-specific qualification. This course focuses on how to develop individual training plans. Unique to this aspect of coaching, on successful completion, you will likely work with riders remotely. This course does not cover advanced technical skills.

The course dates for Level 3 Plan and Prescribe training have been scheduled in line with the race season of each discipline. This is so that the assessment period of each course occurs at the optimal time for learners.

This course is delivered online, through BC Learning, and virtual tutorials.

What will I learn? 

Level 3 Plan & Prescribe training will equip you with the tools to understand and plan training for riders. You will cover:

  • Your coaching philosophy, motivations, and professional responsibilities.
  • The coaching process, unique to this model of coaching.
  • Performance demands and the physiological concepts of training.
  • Planning and prescribing training
  • Communicating and recording training through the use of training diaries, and how to build an annual plan. 
The optional learning available at the end of this course will challenge some of the commonly accepted concepts within sport. Upon completion, you will be a critical thinker who can excel in the performance domain of cycling coaching. 

What is the course length and structure? 

  • The course lasts 38 weeks and is delivered entirely online.
  • You will initially study four theory modules, each lasting six weeks. These theory modules will be accompanied by six tutorials.
  • Tasks will then help you to apply this learning, to practice this model of coaching.
  • Small group tutorials (of no more than five coaches) provide the opportunity to discuss the topic in more detail, to check your understanding, ask questions, and to further explore how it relates to coaching in that discipline.
  • For each topic, content is presented through a series of short videos, supported by additional reading and infographics.
  • You will then complete some practical coaching, which will build a portfolio for assessment. You will need to recruit two riders for this element of the course.
  • The course will finish with you presenting one rider from your assessment as case study example to your peers. There will also be some optional extended learning for you to explore at upon completion.

The date and time of your tutorials will be pre-determined and available to view in the booking link below. Participating in these tutorials is a crucial part of this course and will help you successfully complete the assessment.
Tutorials continue throughout the assessment period, providing the opportunity to feedback on your progress and to discuss challenges. Your tutor will also provide individual support throughout the course.

 Level 3 Plan and Prescribe Training - Learning Programme – 38 (40) weeks


eLearning theory modules


Wrap up

24 weeks

10 weeks

4 weeks



Weeks 1-6

Weeks 7-12

Weeks 13-18

Weeks 19-24

Weeks 25-34

Weeks 35-38


Welcome & access to eLearning content


You and your coaching

The coaching process

Understanding training

Planning training

Prescribing individual training (coaching two riders)



Challenging the status quo



1.5 hours

1.5 hours

3 hours

3 hours

7.5 hours

1.5 hours

Self guided learning and tasks

1 hour

6 hours

6 hours

6 hours

6 hours

80 hours*

5 hours

Minimum recommended hours to complete 110

* Some of the assessment tasks may be complete before this ten-week period (rider profiling, for example), reducing the workload in this period

How much does it cost? 


How long will the course take to complete?  

The course will be delivered over a nine-month period (38 weeks).

What do I need before I can apply for this course?  

  • To recruit two riders for the coaching assessment

  • Have access to a computer and the internet 

  • Coaching insurance 

  • Hold the Level 2 Discipline Specific Award – in the discipline you wish to enrol in

How do I apply?  

Please click on the booking links below to complete your online application

Upcoming courses 

There is one enrolment opportunity in each discipline, per calendar year. You can find further details for each course, including tutorial dates, in the booking link below.


Start Date

 Online Booking

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16th May 2022 Book

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24th June 2022 Book
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5th September 2022 Book


*Given that Track has no clear break in the race schedule, we offer two enrolment opportunities: one starting in March; and the other starting in September. We feel that the March start date, where the assessment period falls September to November, might be closer aligned to the youth race calendar; and the September start, where the assessment period occurs March to May, might be closer aligned to the Masters race calendar.  However, please note that this is the same course. There is no youth focus or Masters focus, other than the experiences, questions and challenges brought by learners to the tutorial discussions. There are also no differences in the remit post qualifying – those who qualify from either course will be able to work with all riders. 

If there is no course available, please complete our short form to express interest. This will help us to plan for future courses and let you know when a more suitable date has been added.

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