Certificate in Coaching (Level 3)

Certificate in Coaching (Level 3)

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The Level 3 qualification is our highest coaching certification and is for coaches who want to have the ability and knowledge to plan, deliver and evaluate detailed periodised training programmes for individual riders within a specific discipline.  

There are currently qualifications available in the disciplines of mountain bike (cross country and downhill), road, track, BMX and Cyclo-cross. 

The course is interactive and practical helping you develop your discipline specific knowledge further to enable you to build on what you have learnt at Level 2. 

What is the course structure? 

To achieve the Level 3 Award in Coaching Cycling two separate areas must be completed – Plan and Prescribe Training and Advanced Coaching Practice . 

These modules can be taken separately to extend your remit as a Level 2 Coach or Level 2 DSU Coach, however, once both units are completed you will become a Level 3 Discipline Coach. 

For example, if you are a L2 coach and take the Plan and Prescribe training unit, your remit will be extended to enable 1-to-1 coaching and prescribed training. Or, if you take the Advanced Coaching Practice you will extend the techniques and level of challenge you can offer to riders.

What will I learn?  

Level 3 covers a wide variety of topics, including analysing a rider’s performance, prescribing and evaluating training plans, delivering advanced techniques, testing and benchmarking rider performance, understanding training theory, the coach-athlete partnership, sports science and nutrition and enhancing rider performance.  

What does the course include? 

This course is made up of online, virtual classroom and face-to-face learning, supported by mentoring from your course tutor throughout.

Level 3 – Plan and Prescribe Training 

  • 24-30 hours of elearning tutorials and virtual classroom sessions - with up to 3 weeks between sessions to allow time to complete work
  • Self-led coaching experience with support from your coach mentor 
  • Assessment - to be completed between sessions, focussed on planning and prescribing training for 2 athletes working towards a specific goal.

Level 3 - Advance Coaching Practice

  • 12-16 hours of face-to-face or virtual classroom learning with practical activities to experience delivering advanced coaching sessions 
  • Self-led coaching experience with support from your coach mentor  
  • Assessment - coaching observation, written task and practical coaching experience log   

How much does it cost? 

  • Plan and Prescribe Training: £455
  • Advanced Discipline Coach- £325 

How long will the course take to complete?  

To become a Level 3 coach, the course days/elearning will take between 5-6 days of learning as outlined above, however, the practical coaching assessment tasks, mentoring and written tasks can take significantly longer - up to 185 hours overall. Allow 6-8 months for completion of both units.

What do I need before I can apply for this course?  

  • Hold the Level 2 Discipline Specific Award – in the discipline you wish to qualify in
  • Valid and current emergency first aid certificate 

How do I apply?  

Please click on the booking links below to complete your online application

Upcoming courses 

Level 3 Plan & Prescribe

Weekday courses will typically take place 7-9pm - weekend course dates will take place 10am-12pm. Times will be flexible with small cohorts able to agree the most suitable time with their tutor.

Courses identified with a discipline will require learners to focus on that discipline for assessment.


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January 2021 - Mondays 25th January 2021 Book
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February 2021 - Saturdays 27th February 2021 Book
February 2021 - Sundays 28th February 2021 Book
March 2021 - Mondays - (Road/TT Focus) 29th March 2021 Book
March 2021 - Wednesdays - (Track Focus) 31st March 2021 Book

Level 3 Advance Coaching Practice



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TBC - Coming Spring 2021

Road & TT


TBC - Coming Spring 2021



TBC - Coming Spring 2021



TBC - Coming Spring 2021



TBC - Coming Spring 2021


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