Coaching Tools and Forms

Coaching Tools and Forms

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The following documents and forms promote good coaching practice and support for coaching activities.

Coaching tools

The tools below can be used by coaches to assist them in their work with riders. They have been developed by existing British Cycling Coaches and the Coaching and Education Department.

Gear Chart

Coaching forms

The following documents and forms promote good coaching practice and support coaching activities. The documents are available as either word/excel documents or in pdf format. To download a document click on its title.

General use

Bike Maintenance Checklist (PDF)

Level 1 Coach Assessment and Action Plan (word)

Level 2 Coach Assessment and Action Plan (word)

Level 3 Personal Coaching Diary (word)

Level 3 Self-reflection Checklist (word )

Incident Report Form (word)

Risk Assessment Form for Coaches (word)

Analysing and Assessing Cycling Techniques (word)

Rider Information and Coaching Consent Form (word)

Communicating with vulnerable groups (word)

Group activities

Level 2 Analysis of Cycling Technique (word)

Bike, Helmet and Clothing Checklist (PDF)

Level 2 Evaluation Schedule Template (word)

Level 1 Session Plan (word)

Level 1 Coaching Evaluation Form (word)

Level 2 Assessment Session Plan (word)

Level 2 Assessment Evaluation Form (word)

Level 2 Practical Coaching Experience Log (word)

Register of Attendance (word)

Level 2 Series Outline Template (word)

Individual riders

Rider Profile (word)

Lifestyle Audit (word)

Annual Plan (excel)

Weekly Training Plan (word)

Training Data (word)

Training Log (word)

Additional support

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HMRC help and guidance

HMRC webinar information

HMRC pre-recorded sport webinar

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