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Cycling confidently on the road is a life-long skill that can be instilled at a young age or developed for the first time in adulthood, encouraging a healthy lifestyle, boosting confidence and developing independence. Bikeability supports this by teaching the necessary skills to ride confidently on today's roads.

The 3 levels of Bikeability?

is the public face of and is delivered by instructors who have completed an run by an approved instructor training organisations and who are working for a registered scheme.

Scheme registration is part of the quality-assurance process to help ensure organisations are delivering best-practice cycle training.

There are three award levels for Bikeability, with a level to suit all abilities, from beginner to experienced commuter or rider:

  • Level 1 teaches basic bike-handling skills in a controlled traffic-free environment.
  • Level 2 teaches trainees to cycle planned routes on minor roads, offering a real cycling experience.
  • Level 3 ensures trainees are able to manage a variety of traffic conditions and is delivered on busier roads with advanced features and layouts.


Who is Bikeability for?

Bikeability is for anyone who can ride a bike. The skills and confidence you will gain by attending a Bikeability course will stay with you for life and will help you to ride in ways that make you more visible to traffic and enable you to negotiate complex junctions and roundabouts.

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