Get Into Cycling - Beginners - Where to Ride


Start Cycling - Where to Ride?

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When you're starting out in cycling, just stepping outside and onto our roads can be an understandably daunting step. So it's often best to find somewhere traffic-free or at least lightly trafficked to get your confidence up.

And there's no shortage of great places to go with you're bike. We've got an ever growing National Cycle Network (NCN) with over 12,000 miles of signposted routes throughout the UK, both on traffic-free routes and quiet roads. No matter where you are you'll find that the NCN is never far away and is a wonderful resource whether you're looking for the safest route to work or school or if you're looking for a destination for a great day out.

If you fancy a go at mountain biking, the Forestry Commission's many sites offer wonderful, tranquil off road cycling, with trails catering for everyone from families with young children to expert level mountain bike trails. For the more adventurous there are dedicated mountain bike trail centres, with specially designed and constructed trails graded from Green (family) through to Black (Extreme).

Public parks can be great places for cycling. They're the ‘lungs' of most towns and cities, with miles of safe paths, greenery and other attractions for cyclists with young children. (NB: Always check with your local park to make sure that cycling is permitted)

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