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British Cycling’s vision: Together we are transforming Britain into a great cycling nation. Key to this vision is a commitment to support existing facilities and drive investment into new facilities based on local community need. British Cycling will work to develop the right cycling infrastructure including purpose-built community facilities that are accessible, high quality and affordable to all.

British Cycling’s work to support this vision for cycling facilities covers two main areas:

Capital funding for cycling facilities

As public interest and participation in cycling grows, so too must dedicated physical spaces to support it. Dedicated cycling facilities provide safe, traffic-free environments for any cyclist of any ability to participate, train and compete.

British Cycling is working closely with Sport England to develop a national network of new cycling facilities designed to address local demand.

A new programme has been established called ‘Places to Ride’ which is an open application programme for all eligible organisations.

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General technical and facility advice

British Cycling is able to provide technical support and advice to any potential cycling facility development, irrespective of its funding source. 

British Cycling has extensive experience in producing design guidance notes for the development of new and improved facilities. These designs are regularly being reviewed to ensure that the latest innovations are captured in support of new projects being planned.

British Cycling welcome approaches from any organisations and/or individual seeking advice and support in ensuring that projects being planned are up to date and meet with the latest design requirements.  

The Facilities team will:

  • Help organisations planning new or refurbishing existing cycling facilities to articulate their cycling development requirements, enabling them to develop a cycling facility based on a robust needs and evidence base.  This will ensure the right cycling facility is developed to meet demand and that it is sustainable.
  • Provide stakeholders with a logical step-by-step process that will lead to the development of a clear Statement of Requirements for the cycling facility based on the needs of users and sport development outcomes. This Statement of Requirements can then be handed on to the design team to develop a design brief and take forward the detailed design.
  • Provide technical design guidance for each type of purpose-built cycling facility which addresses the critical factors that need to be considered for a particular project.

For any queries regarding facilities, please feel free to contact the facilities team.