Insurance for coaches, leaders and cycle training instructors

Insurance for coaches, leaders and cycle training instructors

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As a qualified coach, leader or cycle training instructor you will be covered for claims made against you. This cover includes both third party (public) liability and professional indemnity insurance and is subject to certain terms and conditions.

Who is it available to?

Race Gold, Race Silver and Ride Members


An essential combination of both Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance is provided to coaches, leaders and instructors working on behalf of or affiliated to British Cycling.

Who is covered?

Race Gold, Race Silver and Ride members who are normally resident in the United Kingdom, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man and hold a valid British Cycling Coaching qualification and/or a British Cycling approved leadership or instruction qualification together with a valid First Aid certificate. The cover provided is for the individual member and does not protect or indemnify any company / employer for whom they may be working.

When are they covered?

When operating for and on behalf of British Cycling and also when operating outside of British Cycling activities where private arrangements are made with third parties, who are outside the custody and control of the British Cycling Federation, and where expenses or sums of consideration are paid.


Insurance protection only applies where the coaching, leadership or instruction provided is included in the British Cycling Coaching qualification and/or a British Cycling approved leadership or instruction qualification that has been attained. Activities outside of the relevant qualification are not covered.

Cover is also extended to include any British Cycling Federation coaching, leadership or instruction activity that is carried out on a commercial basis in which the coach, leader or instructor operates as a sole trader or business subject to a maximum gross remuneration of £15,000 per annum.

If you are working for a company or organisation, other than British Cycling, under a permanent or temporary employment contract then their insurance arrangements are expected to cover any claims arising from the coaching undertaken on their behalf. It is not the intention that British Cycling’s insurance arrangements act as a substitute for the cover that the employer should have in place.

The insurance in place:

  • Public Liability - Limit of indemnity £10m
  • Professional Indemnity - Limit of indemnity £5m

Public Liability insurance is provided on a worldwide basis although if the activity is in the USA or Canada the cover will not be primary specific and the individual’s travel insurance may be called upon in the event of a claim. Professional Indemnity insurance does not extend to the USA or Canada.

Insurance cover for coaches, leaders and cycle training instructors is provided in accordance with and subject to the terms and conditions of British Cycling’s ‘Professional Indemnity’ and ‘Public Liability’ insurance policies.

Please note that where an individual is identified as a ‘candidate’ they do not benefit from this insurance cover.

British Cycling believes that it is incumbent on each facility to maintain high standards of coaching practice and safety and as such each facility should have its own guidelines, policies and procedures on risk assessment, health and safety, coaching area usage and coaching practice.

British Cycling’s own guidelines, policies and procedures must however be taken as the standard to be applied if British Cycling membership is to be relied upon for insurance cover.

Members must note that protection under this policy will only be provided if the member against whom a claim is being made cooperates fully with British Cycling, its insurers and representatives in the defence of the claim.

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