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Great Britain Cycling Team FAQs

How do I join the Olympic programme?

The answer for riders of any age is to prove your ability through race results.  It’s only once you have at least a season of race results behind you that an application for the squads is going to have a chance of success.  If you haven’t yet started to race then here’s how ...

Get into track racing

Get into road racing

Get into cross-country mountain biking

Get into BMX

If you’re under 16 ...

What is Go-Ride Racing?

If you have a disability ...

About Disability Cycling

You are going to need to show us that you’re one of the best there is, and look to move to National and Regional level competition as soon as you’re ready!

How  do I apply?

If you are Junior or U23 the programmes take in new riders every autumn when the opportunity to apply is advertised on the British Cycling website during the months of July / August / September.   There is an application form and you’ll need to have kept a record of your race results so you can complete this fully.  Squad membership where offered is generally for a year and starts in October / November.

If you are a younger rider, contact the admin office for the details of your local talent coach who will happily get in touch with your parents / you to advise of opportunities in your area.  Watch out for the talent team applications to open in summer.

At Podium level, an application is rarely needed - if you have won medals at U23 level in European or World Cup / Championships level you will be in consideration for the programme. There is a limit to the number of riders on the Podium Programme so you will need to either out-compete existing members, or demonstrate you have the potential to get to the top within the space of a couple of years.

How do I become part of talent team?

Get involved with your local Go-Ride club - the Go-Ride club coaches speak regularly to the Talent coaches about local riders who they feel have the ability to benefit from the Talent Programme. Talent coaches run 'Regional School of Racing' sessions that riders showing potential will be invited to and again club coaches are active in nominating youngsters to these sessions.

The regional track omniums, National series, and National Championships results (in all disciplines) are also a sure fire way to get noticed.

Every summer we ask for applications to be filled in by young riders looking to be a part of the talent team. Once you have some Go-Ride sessions and races under your belt watch out on the British Cycling website for the talent team summer recruitment drive. 

I was wondering if there was a junior GB team and how I could join?

It’s a competitive process, only the best of the GB juniors will be selected.  The Olympic Development Programme aims to develop junior riders to the level where they will be competitive internationally.

Each year European Championships and / or World Championships teams are selected to represent Great Britain on merit. Selection for such teams is carried out looking at riders results in competition - National series events, Revolution events etc.

I was wondering how someone would apply for the under 23 GB cycle programme? Do you need to have a certain degree of experience? I am motivated with a desire to succeed at becoming a great cyclist.

You certainly do need to have experience, at the U23 level you need to have proven yourself as able to race with the best international young riders.

The Academy Programme aims to complete the education and development of young athletes who are already skilled young bike riders, with bike handling skills, tactical knowledge and a great level of fitness. This is not a programme for the inexperienced racer. If you've joined the sport late, you may have missed the opportunity for the U23 programme but this doesn't mean there is no chance of making it to the Podium Programme. Take a look on the British Cycling website at the discipline you are interested in and you can find out more information - about how to start in competition, about how to find a club, and a coach etc.

What does being in one of the Squads involve?

The answer to this is very much age dependant.

In the Talent Programme from 13 to 16 years old, you will be assigned a coach who will prescribe training and racing to fit around your education. You'll need to commit to completing and returning a training diary and attending approximately 4 camps of 4 to 7 days during the year (in school holiday time). Opportunities may also arise to race overseas.

In the Olympic Development Programme for junior riders, 16 to 18 years old, you will be coached by a discipline specific coach, again you'll have a training and racing schedule set around your educational needs, and need to commit to completing and returning regular training diaries. Residential camps are held in school holidays, and there are opportunities to represent Great Britain internationally

In the U23 Academy Programme riders normally commit to full time residential focussed training. Many of the disciplines have their base in Manchester, with the men's road riders also having a summer base in Italy. Riders still completing A levels can be considered, and a non-residential programme can in some circumstances be put in place by the Academy coach.

In the Podium Programme, riders receive the individualised support (whether this is coaching, equipment, clothing, nutrition, psychology support etc. ) needed to be a professional rider, racing predominantly internationally, living independently and responsible for their own training programmes.

At what level would I have to be at, to be accepted in a program?

For Talent / ODP you will need to be one of the best National level riders in the country - proven via race results at National series or National Championships level as well as other competition and testing. For Academy onwards you will need to prove that you are capable of getting results on the International stage, whether at Junior level or above.

I am a second / third year U23 rider (aged 20 / 21), can I still apply for the U23 Academy?

The Academy primarily takes riders as soon as they leave the junior category - normal entry age is 18 which enables a two to three year (or longer) period of development in the academy. To be successful in gaining an entry to the academy at this age you would need to demonstrate that you are competing at a similar level to those existing academy members. For example, on the road this would mean regular wins / results at International UCI 1.2 or 2.2 classed events. Your performances would need to parallel the same aged riders on the academy, and you will need to show us what you can achieve through race results.

If the FAQ’s above don’t answer your questions, please email your enquiry to the below contacts

Ian Yates - Olympic Development and Talent Team Programme enquiries

Abby Burton - Olympic Podium and Academy Programme enquiries


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