Rider Route: Great Britain Cycling Team Apprentice

Rider Route: Great Britain Cycling Team Apprentice

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As a Great Britain Cycling Team Apprentice, we support riders in building on the skills learnt at RSRs while also further developing a professional attitude.

We encourage commitment to goals and putting into practice good habits and routines. Being an Apprentice helps with preparation for life as a junior and, if successful, onto the next stage of the route.

How do you become an Apprentice?

  • Riders are typically aged 13-16
  • Awarded to those showing potential during RSRs and national races
  • Status reviewed every three-to-six months
  • Don’t worry if you do not get an invite – it is not unusual to be invited to join the group later in the year

What are we looking for?

  • Good discipline-specific skills
  • Competitive performances at national races
  • Good physical base
  • Positive attitudes and a willingness to learn

What will you learn?

  • Event-specific skills and race tactics
  • Ability to work longer and at a higher intensity
  • How to manage your own development
  • Training and competition habits required for success

How is it done?

  • Coaching support from a GBCT Foundation Coach
  • Regular group training sessions
  • Access to world-class facilities
  • Advice on managing your workload
  • Completion of a weekly training diary
  • Advice at national races

When does it happen?

Once allocated to an ‘apprentice zone’ there will be one to two group sessions every month. The rest of the programme will be dependent on what is agreed on with the coach. At times there may also be the opportunity to ‘guest’ on residential camps with other riders and coaches from other programmes.

Who is involved?

The GBCT Foundation Coach with support from club coaches.

What does it cost?

Apprentices are subsidised by British Cycling and offer exceptional value for money, however a contribution of £50 will be required every three months. Travel and equipment costs remain the rider’s own responsibility.