Rider Route: Great Britain Cycling Team Podium Potential Squad

Rider Route: Great Britain Cycling Team Podium Potential Squad

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The Great Britain Cycling Team Podium Potential Squad is a full-time programme and involves significant periods of overseas training and racing exposure.

It includes riders from all Olympic disciplines that we support as a GBCT programme but the philosophy remains the same throughout – hard work, discipline and commitment.

Our aim is to provide a tough and demanding but well-supported environment, so riders understand the requirements, expectations and principles of what it takes to be a world and Olympic champion. While we aim to progressively develop skills, it is very much a focused and deliberate assault on becoming the best in the world.

Only a small number of riders are selected each year but, those who are join an already well-established programme with a proven record of outstanding performances. Riders will refine the skills and abilities learnt on the Olympic Development Squad, furthering development within a culture of excellence and personal responsibility.

Bike riding is the most important thing, but we also know how important developing “off the bike” is too. We aim to provide the knowledge and skills required to be the very best you can be. Throughout a rider’s time on the Podium Potential Squad, there are plenty of opportunities to develop both as a rider and as an individual.

Membership on the Podium Potential Squad will generally last three years, however a place is not guaranteed, and riders will be reviewed throughout the year. Riders need to show commitment and determination as well as an ability to hit key milestones and targets.

How do you get on the Podium Potential Squad?

  • Riders are typically aged 18-21
  • Each year, a short-list is created – this is made up of Olympic Development Squad riders who have excelled and external applicants that are performing successfully at international level
  • Short-listed riders are observed during training and races and may be invited to take part in a confirmation phase – following this membership is finalised
  • It is possible to join this group later in the year, so don’t panic if you miss out in the first instance

What will you receive on the programme?

  • A comprehensive and individualised training and racing programme
  • Fully catered national and international training camps and racing opportunities
  • Comprehensive support from the Performance Support Team
  • Fully subsidised furnished accommodation
  • High performance bikes depending on your discipline
  • GBCT race, training and leisure clothing from Kalas
  • Performance nutrition at a reduced cost
  • An athlete personal award of at least £4.500, in line with the programme membership APA matrix policy
  • Admin support including race logistics, travel bookings and accommodation management
  • Private medical cover through the UK Sport Athlete Medical Scheme in partnership with BUPA
  • British Cycling membership, a race license and BOA Athlete passport