Level 3 Certificate Coaching Mountain Bike

Level 3 Certificate Coaching Mountain Bike

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The Level 3 Certificate in Coaching Mountain Bike is aimed at those qualified at Level 2 Mountain Bike who wish to develop their knowledge of the unique challenges of the sport and and begin to prescribe training for individual riders.

The qualification will give you the ability and knowledge to plan, deliver and evaluate detailed periodised training programmes and introduce you to a number of advanced techniques and tactics to further enhance your coaching sessions.

Course overview

The Level 3 Certificate is the next step for coaches who want to help riders realise their potential in downhill or cross country racing. This means Level 3 mountain bike coaches will be able to assist riders in all aspects for their preparation for mountain bike events, from researching the event demands and devising an individual training plans for riders, to refining performance in advanced downhill or cross country specific techniques, as well as how to advise on equipment set up and race day organisation.

This award is the minimum requirement for the delivery of Go-Ride Mountain Bike Gear 7.

Course content

The course covers a wide variety of topics including:

  • Analysing rider performance.
  • Annual planning of a riders racing and training schedule.
  • Prescribing and evaluating training.
  • Delivering advanced techniques and coach-led racing.
  • Testing and benchmarking rider performance.
  • Optimising equipment set-up and riding position.
  • Preparing a rider for race day.


Coaches are assessed across the two units of Level 3 Core and Level 3 Mountain Bike.

The Level 3 MTB is delivered through two units: the Level 3 Core Unit and the Level 3 Mountain Bike Unit. Coaches will achieve the qualification by completing different routes depending upon their previous experience.

A practical assessment in your chosen discipline of cross-country or downhill will follow the course and will be conducted at a venue local to you, with your own riders. This is to be arranged once you feel you have had sufficient time to develop the new skills and knowledge you have obtained during training.

How do I get started?

There are different pathways available in order to be able to undertake a Level 3 coaching qualification. Essentially, you must work your way through the coaching pathway, qualifying first as a Level 2 Coach, then as a Level 2 Discipline specific coach before being eligible for the Level 3 equivalent.

There are exceptions to the rule though and a full outline of the available routes of study can be found here.

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How to apply

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