Upcoming course dates

Upcoming course dates


British Cycling is the leading provider of cycling education in the United Kingdom with available course opportunities outlined below.

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Coaching courses dates

Support the development of skills and performance for new and existing riders.

Level 1 courses

Level 2 courses

Level 2 - Discipline Specific courses

Level 3 courses

Level 3 - Discipline Specific courses

Leadership courses dates

Lead people on the journey of a lifetime either on road or on mountain bike terrain

Ride Leadership Award Level 1 courses

Ride Leadership Award Level 2 courses

Ride Leadership Award Combined courses

Mountain Bike Leadership Award Level 2 courses

Mountain Bike Leadership Award Level 3 courses

Cycle Training courses dates

Develop the skills to support children and adults to ride safely on the road

Level 2 in Cycle Training courses

Level 3 in Developing Cycle Training Instructors courses

Officials courses dates

Support the vibrant racing in the scene in the UK as an official or marshal

Officials Courses