Boris Johnson has given successor the ‘perfect platform’ to turn London into a leading cycling city

Boris Johnson has given successor the ‘perfect platform’ to turn London into a leading cycling city

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Whichever way London votes in this Thursday's mayoral election, outgoing mayor Boris Johnson has given his successor the “perfect platform” from which to turn the capital into one of the world's leading cycling cities, says British Cycling’s policy advisor, Chris Boardman.

Mr Johnson took over as London Mayor in 2008, and during his eight-year tenure, has begun the process of overhauling London’s main roads to ensure they are fit for cyclists. The network of cycle superhighways has begun to be developed, while progress has also been made with regards to cycling infrastructure in outer London boroughs.

As Mr Johnson prepares to leave office, Chris Boardman said:

“We meet no end of politicians who say they are supportive of cycling, and who recognise the benefits that an increase in cycling levels can bring to society. However, we are also well aware that short-term disruption can sometimes overshadow long-term gain, and that we need strong-willed, decisive political leaders to make decisions which take the bigger picture into account.

“Boris Johnson has been a great example of this, and his determination to turn London into a truly great cycling city has been admirable. While there is still much work to do, he has given his successor the perfect platform from which to continue to improve the lives of ordinary Londoners by promoting and funding sustainable transport.”

Of his cycling legacy, Mr Johnson has said:

“My single biggest regret as Mayor is that I did not do it sooner… knowing what I do now, we would have blasted ahead with our new segregated cycle lanes from the beginning.

“As I prepare to leave office, I am proud to have kept my promises. Cycling in London has never been more popular: the number of bike journeys has risen by two-thirds since I became Mayor.”

Throughout the mayoral campaign, British Cycling has met with candidates from across the political spectrum:

Sadiq Khan (Labour)

Caroline Pidgeon (Liberal Democrats)

Sian Berry (Green Party)

Zac Goldsmith (Conservatives)

The London mayoral election takes place on May 5. The full list of candidates is: Sian Berry (Green Party), David Furness (British National Party), George Galloway (Respect), Paul Golding (Britain First), Zac Goldsmith (Conservative), Lee Harris (Cannabis is Safer than Alcohol), Sadiq Khan (Labour), Ankit Love (One Love Party), Caroline Pidgeon (Liberal Democrats), Sophie Walker (Women’s Equality Party), Peter Whittle (UKIP), John Zylinski (Independent).

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