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Our vision is for Britain to become a true cycling nation.

Millions of Brits cycle, however millions more never get on a bike at all and many that do don’t consider it a viable transport option for them or their children.

A big part of the problem is that our towns and cities do not accommodate cycling. For decades our roads have designed for driving and have pushed walking and cycling to the fringes.

It is no coincidence that the rise of problems such as obesity, type-2 diabetes, traffic congestion and air pollution are directly linked to people having no other option than to drive.

Cycling is the only form of transport which can meet the competing agendas of increasing capacity, reducing emissions, increasing physical activity, reducing noise and improving safety.

Making it easier and more appealing for people to get on bikes is not just an end in itself. In doing this, we will create the cities and towns of the future; healthy, clean and more productive. Places where we would all want to live.

For the majority of people, the prospect of cycling on busy roads is too daunting. No amount of training or promotional campaigns will change this fact.

The solution is building networks of dedicated, segregated cycles lanes on main roads combined with traffic calming measures in residential areas. These should be well connected to ensure that everyone can easily access attractive routes to their destinations.

Over 70% of people that British Cycling surveyed support building cycle lanes, including drivers.

We should be targeting a rapid growth in cycling levels. More people cycling to work and school would save space on the road for drivers, reduce absenteeism, and improve the productivity and health of Britain’s workforce.

We all have a role to play: national and local government, businesses, schools and individuals – all working together.