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Introducing Healthspan Elite

Introducing Healthspan Elite

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Healthspan Elite, the sports nutrition brand of Healthspan, has further expanded its sports nutrition portfolio, after forming a new partnership with British Cycling. Ahead of future content, we spoke to them about their brand, their partnership with British Cycling and some key products in their line-up for cyclists.

Can you introduce yourself?

I’m Chris Fisher, Sales & Marketing Director at Healthspan, the UK’s largest direct to consumer, high quality vitamin brand. For the last 5 years I’ve overseen the evolution of our sports nutrition range, Healthspan Elite, which is the first choice for many of the world’s most successful sports teams and athletes. Over the years we’ve worked closely with some of the UK’s leading sports nutritionists and experts and we’ve had Official Partnerships with teams such as The All Blacks and British Swimming. The expertise and insight we’ve gained from these relationships has allowed us to produce a range of scientifically validated vitamins and supplements which are exclusive to Healthspan and support the health and performance needs of professional and amateur athletes alike.

Can you tell me a little about Healthspan Elite’s partnership with British Cycling?

For many years we’ve been supplying the British Cycling team with our batch tested, Healthspan Elite range. Everybody at Healthspan is delighted to have now made our relationship official. For the next 4 years minimum Healthspan will be the exclusive Sports Nutrition and Vitamin and Supplement partner for British Cycling. We look forward to playing our part in keeping the riders in the best of health and supporting their success on the road and track.

All of your products have the Informed Sport stamp. Can you tell me what this means and why it’s important?

Professional athletes must be certain that any supplements that they consume are of the highest quality and free from WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency) banned substances, otherwise they’re putting their career at risk. Our Healthspan Elite supplements use the finest ingredients available, adhere to the strictest manufacturing processes and are independently batch tested by Informed Sport to provide athletes and their nutritional support staff with the peace of mind that they’re looking for.

Can you profile five or your products that are of particular benefit to cyclists:

Elite Sport Essentials

There are certain supplements that we would recommend everyone take on a daily basis to safeguard overall good health, these being a high quality A-Z multivitamin, a pure omega 3 fish oil and a high strength probiotic. Our Sports Essentials combines all three into one convenient product.

Elite Protein Powders

Regular protein intake is key to supporting an athlete’s strength and recovery. Our range of unflavoured, advanced, quality assured protein powders have been developed with a special microfiltration process. This means that the essential amino acids which are the building blocks of protein, are maintained. Furthermore our proteins contain additional vitamins to enhance the absorption of protein in the body. We also have a plant based protein powder in our range that’s suitable for vegans.

Elite Activ Hydrate & Activ Hydrate+

Every endurance athlete needs to hydrate during and post training to optimise performance and aid recovery. Our delicious citrus flavoured effervescent drinks provide all the essential minerals to quickly restore the vital fluid and electrolytes lost during intense exercise. Activ Hydrate+ also contains some natural caffeine to give athletes that extra boost of energy.

Elite Performance Cherry

Naturally rich in anthocyanins, flavonoids and melatonin, sour cherries are packed full of nutrients to aid recovery. Performance Cherry is often mixed with water and taken before bedtime to aid a good night’s rest. This product is a firm favourite with endurance athletes, particularly cyclists.

Elite Kick-Start Caffeine Gum

A go to sports performance product for thousands of athletes globally. Science shows that caffeine delivered in the gum form and absorbed through the lining of the mouth enhances the speed at which the stimulating energy affect is achieved. Great tasting and containing 100mg of caffeine per piece along with energising B Vitamins, the impact is felt within an impressive 10-15 minutes.

You’re going to be working closely with GBCT and their Nutritionists, anything you’re particularly looking forward to working with them on?

First and foremost, we look forward to providing the riders with the finest nutritional supplements available to ensure that they’re kept in the best of health. Our support is two pronged. Firstly, it’s about supporting the rider’s everyday wellbeing by providing supplements such as multivitamins to ensure that there are no gaps in their diets. Secondly, it’s about supporting the rider’s success on race days with supplements that aid performance on the bike and recovery after an event. We are extremely enthusiastic to play a small role in the success of the team for many years to come.

We’re also extremely excited by the potential for Healthspan and British Cycling to collaborate on initiatives that promote the benefits of cycling and nutrition for all. British Cycling have a large number of fans that are passionate about cycling and no doubt keen to stay in the best of health. We look forward to introducing our products and supporting their wellbeing, too. Long-term, there is so much potential for both brands to bring our partnership to life to support the health and wellbeing of the nation through cycling and good nutrition.

British Cycling members can get 20% off all Healthspan vitamins, supplements and sports nutrition