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Training Plans

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The Beginners Plan is an ideal introduction to structured training. Using heart rate and cadence to monitor training intensity and performance, in 25 weeks, you'll be confident of tackling a 60-mile (100 km) sportive.

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Foundation Plan

The 12-week Foundation Plan is ideal for Intermediate and Advanced riders who are looking to build base fitness. You should already be capable of comfortably completing a 60 mile (100km) ride and regularly logging 5-6 hours of riding time per week.

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Intermediate Plan

The Intermediate Plan is aimed at riders who have followed the Foundation Training Plan or have previously devised their own training and have a reasonable base of cycling fitness. It’s designed for successful completion of a 100 mile Sportive.

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Advanced Plan

The Advanced Plan is aimed at riders who have followed the Foundation Training Plan and have a good base of cycling fitness. It is designed for riders who already train specifically for sportive events or may be racing competitively.

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Modular Plan

Upon completion of the Int / Adv training plans, you will be ready to tackle your target event. The modular plan allows you to construct your own bespoke plan to work your training around your events and ensure you’re recovering and tapering.

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Panic Plan

The British Cycling Seven Week Panic Plan is ideal for active non cyclists or cyclists who've recently neglected their training. In seven weeks it'll have you ready to tackle a 60-mile (100 km) sportive.

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Discipline Specific Plans

Cyclo-cross training plan

Our 8-week cyclo-cross training plan is ideal if you are looking to compete in this fun and accessible form of cycle sport.

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Track training plan

Our 8-week track training plan. Our week by week guide for getting the most out of your track riding.

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Circuit racing training plan

Our 4-week circuit racing training plan. Designed for Intermediate/Advanced riders who want a final top-end fitness, race specific conditioning block after their winter training.

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Hill Climbing Training Plan

Our 4-week hill climbing training plan is designed for Intermediate/Advanced riders who want a climbing specific conditioning block prior to a hilly or mountainous sportive.

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Time trial training plan

Our 4-week time trial training plan is ideal for Intermediate/Advanced riders who want to bolt on a time trialling specific block to their winter training. It is a perfect lead into your first race against the clock of the season.

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