Boardman hails further progress for Turning the Corner

Boardman hails further progress for Turning the Corner

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British Cycling Policy Advisor Chris Boardman has welcomed further progress for our Turning the Corner campaign today, with Transport Minister Jesse Norman MP announcing that the Department for Transport are set to review the Highway Code in relation to cyclists and pedestrians.

We launched our Turning the Corner campaign in December 2016, calling for a universal rule to give way when turning. The proposals aim to eliminate current ambiguity in the Highway Code, improve efficiency, reduce congestion and afford greater protection to cyclists and pedestrians.

Following the announcement, Chris Boardman said:

"There are currently over a dozen different and often conflicting rules in the Highway Code which relate to people walking and cycling at junctions, so it is really no surprise that they continue to be the most dangerous places on our roads.

“In fact, a staggering two thirds of all traffic accidents take place at junctions and the story is even worse for cyclists, which is why our Turning the Corner proposals - backed by the AA and the RAC - called for a clear and universal rule to give way when turning.

“We are pleased to see that the Transport Minister is now considering taking steps to bring us in line with the rest of the world and protect people walking and riding bikes where they need it most. I look forward to seeing the new edition of the Highway Code and I sincerely hope it contains this important amendment.”

Today’s announcement follows the Department for Transport’s review into cycle and pedestrian safety, with almost 2,000 of our members and supporters responding to the consultation expressing support for the campaign.

British Cycling Policy Manager, Nick Chamberlin, said:

“This is a really positive step and a big win for all of our members and supporters who have got behind the campaign. We know that safety at junctions continues to be a pressing concern for people travelling by bike or on foot, and the strength of feeling has been made abundantly clear since we first launched our campaign at the end of 2016.

“We are incredibly thankful to every person who signed the petition, wrote to their MP or responded to the consultation, and we are now fully committed to working with the Department for Transport to finish the job.”