Chris Boardman: Support British Cycling's Turning the Corner campaign

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Chris Boardman has launched a passionate plea asking people to support British Cycling’s Turning the Corner campaign by signing a petition lobbying the government to create safer and simpler road junctions.

The petition, which has already attracted over 18,000 signatures, calls for the government to update the Highway Code and follows comments made by the transport secretary Chris Grayling MP who claimed that “cyclists are not road users”.

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Boardman said: “The single most dangerous places for cyclists and pedestrians on our streets [are junctions].

“Two-thirds of all traffic accidents happen around junctions and it’s not difficult to see why.

“It’s no surprise that cycling is considered intimidating and often unappealing for those who just want to pop to the shops, and or that parents such as myself are scared to let their kids cross the road.”

The Turning the Corner campaign calls for a ‘universal’ rule to give way when turning, in order to create simpler, safer junctions for all road users.

Boardman continued: “Because we don’t have this piece of guidance, Britain’s junctions are twice as dangerous [for cyclists] as those in Europe, where many countries already successfully employ a similar rule.

Turning the Corner has the potential to improve safety at junctions in the UK

“I would urge all road users – regardless of whether they get around in cars, on bikes or on foot -  to sign the petition to help us bring safer roads for all of us one step closer and to help make our villages and towns more civilised places, particularly for our older and younger generation.

“Guidance that compels us to treat each other as human beings not obstacles - who wouldn’t want that?”

The Highway Code has not been fully refreshed for nine years. It may be amended by the Secretary of State for Transport before being ‘laid’ before Parliament.

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