National Council and Board Minutes

National Council and Board Minutes

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The minutes from British Cycling's national council and board meetings are archived below.

National council

The annual meeting of British Cycling and its regional representatives and delegates is called national council. Click to download the document you wish to view.

National Council AGM minutes 2017

National Council EGM minutes 2017

National Council minutes 2016

National Council minutes 2015

National Council minutes 2014

National Council minutes 2013

National Council minutes 2003-2012

The 2018 national council AGM was held on 17 November 2018.

British Cycling board minutes

The board of British Cycling meets six times per year. Dates for 2019 will be confirmed soon.

Click on the link below to download the board meeting minutes.

Board minutes May 2019

Board minutes February 2019

Board minutes December 2018

Board minutes November 2018

Board minutes September 2018

Board minutes July 2018

Board minutes May 2018

Board minutes February 2018