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British Cycling is responsible for the management of disciplinary cases within the sport of cycling.

The purpose of these disciplinary rules is to provide clear and uniform procedures across all regions and all cycling disciplines for handling disciplinary cases.

In particular, they encourage members to accept a predetermined sanction for given acts of misconduct rather than undergoing a hearing, but establish an impartial panel of decision makers with clear rules for evidence/standards of proof should a full disciplinary hearing be required.

The disciplinary rules are benchmarked against acknowledged best practice of other sports' National Governing Bodies and we are confident that they provide our members with a fair, robust and consistent approach to disciplinary matters.


To report an alleged incident of misconduct, email details to disciplinary@britishcycling.org.uk.

For other issues relating to British Cycling's Disciplinary policy and procedure, please contact:

Millie Broadbent - British Cycling disciplinary officer
Email: milliebroadbent@britishcycling.org.uk

Past cases

In the interests of transparency, British Cycling publishes the decisions of all disciplinary and appeal committees unless there are exceptional circumstances in which it is considered inappropriate to publish. Once a case of misconduct has been through the full disciplinary process, details of the case will be published here.

Reference: 0053
Name: Marcus Smith
Misconduct: Bringing the sport into disrepute / Breach of the Technical Regulations / Breach of the Bye Laws / Breach of the Code of Conduct / Failing to act in a professional manner.
Sanction: Suspension from membership / licence and participation in events until receipt of payment.
Resolved: 22 February 2018 (Sanction imposed by a Disciplinary Committee)

Reference: 0035
Name: Ryan Taylor
Misconduct: Breach of Code of Conduct/Physical Abuse of a Race Official
Sanction: Four year suspension from membership and competition plus £500 fine
Resolved: 21 February 2015 (Sanction imposed by a Disciplinary Committee)

Reference: 0024
Name: Mark Elmy
Misconduct: Bringing the sport into disrepute/Breach of Code of Conduct/ Breach of Code of Practice for Sport Coaches/ Abuse of a position of trust or authority
Sanction: Two year suspension from membership. Five year suspension from coaching.
Resolved: 13 December 2014 (Sanction imposed by a Disciplinary Committee)

Reference: 0016
Name: Jayne Goldsworthy
Misconduct: Abuse of a position of authority.
Sanction: Life suspension.
Resolved: 20 July 2013 (Specified Sanction accepted in full by the individual)

Reference: 006
Name: Robert Bandosz
Misconduct: Breaking the terms of a previous suspension (third offence).
Sanction: £1000 fine and indefinite suspension until conditions met.
Resolved: 19 May 2012 (Sanction imposed by a Disciplinary Committee)