Get involved in the governance of British Cycling

Get involved in the governance of British Cycling

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British Cycling has been at the heart of an unprecedented cycling boom in recent years, with millions of people getting on their bikes for fun, fitness or competition.

As in any sport, the organisation’s success is underpinned by the dedication and enthusiasm of our members who have a key role in governing British Cycling.

All major strategic issues are discussed and decided upon at British Cycling’s Annual General Meeting – known as national council.

If you have aspirations to be a board member, or simply want to have your views heard, here is a quick guide to how you can get involved with British Cycling and help shape the immediate and long-term future of our sport.

Join your club’s committee

Clubs are at the heart of organisational activity and the club’s committee is an ideal way to learn more about the structure of the sport and from there to begin a journey that in British Cycling can take you all the way up to the presidency. Find a club.

Get nominated for your regional council

A regional council is an assembly of delegated club members that meets normally on two occasions within the calendar year - the region’s Annual General Meeting and then prior to national council to discuss any propositions and nominations on the agenda and to consider British Cycling’s annual report.

Affiliated clubs and other organisations are entitled to nominate representatives for regional councils. In order to seek nomination to attend your regional council, you just have to be a member of British Cycling and a member of a club or other affiliated organisation.

Become a regional board member and/or a national councillor

The Annual General Meeting of a regional council incorporates elections to the regional board and also the election of national councillors who attend and vote at national council.

A nomination from your club or from within the regional council can see you considered for election and further details can be found within the Memorandum and Articles of Association as well as the Byelaws. Both can be downloaded here.

Click here for a list of regional contacts.

Contact your regional board

If you have a question or a suggestion for your regional board, follow the regional link found by clicking the ‘Contact Us’ tab on the British Cycling website, from there you can email the indicated regional contact .

Attend national council

Any British Cycling member is entitled to attend national council although to take part in the business of the meeting you have to be a national councillor (see above) or have the leave of the meeting.

Get elected or appointed as a member of the national board of British Cycling

The national board sits at the heart of the organisation, bringing together up to 12 individuals to oversee the activities of the organisation.

British Cycling’s board consists of :

  • The president - elected by national council.
  • Seven non-executive directors – elected by national council.
  • Three non-executive directors - appointed by the national board.
  • The chief executive - appointed by the national board.

Non-executive directors are elected or appointed for a term of up to three years and are eligible for re-election or re-appointment for two further terms of three years. The president is elected annually.

What is the role of a member of the national board?

The purpose of the role is to bring independent judgement to bear on issues of strategy, performance, resources and standards of conduct, which further the aims and objectives of the organisation.

This year, following changes to the governance structure of the organisation, there will be an election for seven board members at the national council meeting in November and a further board member will then be appointed to take office from 1 April 2015.

Any British Cycling member is eligible to stand for election and to do this you must be nominated either by a regional council or affiliated organisation with direct representation, or the national board of British Cycling. Nominations must be sent in writing to the company secretary at least 45 days ahead of national council, if nominated by a regional council or affiliated organisation, or at least 28 days if nominated by the national board.

All members nominated for election are required to present written details of their experience in both employment and cycling and also have the opportunity to address national council in support of their election. If there are more candidates than vacancies for elected positions then a ballot will be held.

The appointment of a further board member will be through an open recruitment process managed by the board.

Questions concerning the national board of British Cycling or general matters of governance should be made via email to the company secretary using the email address