Indoor training sessions

Indoor training sessions

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Indoor Training Sessions

Using an indoor trainer isn't a soft option for riders who don't like riding in bad weather. It's an incredibly efficient and time effective way to perform quality sessions on your bike. Without having to worry about other road users, hazards or finding suitable routes, you can ride at exactly the intensity you require for precisely the correct amount of time.

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These classic indoor trainer sessions are in a simple clear format with step by step instructions for heart rate and power zones and are downloadable as PDF's.

For Smart trainer compatible workouts, including many of those below, you'll need to sign-up for one of our new British Cycling Digital Training Plans hosted on TrainingPeaks


One minute intervals

Pyramid intervals one

Pyramid intervals two

Ramped intervals

Spin-out session

20 minute warm-up


Under/over with surges

Leg speed

Two x 20

Big gear low cadence

Geared sprint

Intensity slide

Russian steps

Sweet spot intervals

3x10 minutes

Tempo Intervals

VO2 Intervals

Zone Build


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