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Six-week training plan

Six-week training plan

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Knowledge Level: Intermediate

The six-week Training Plan is for anyone who would like to develop their cycling fitness and is aimed at intermediate riders.

If you have been riding regularly - typically getting out more than three to four times a week - this plan would be suitable for you.

Here is the overview of the six-week training plan.

Download the 6-week training plan here.

How much training is involved?

The training weeks are typically broken down into three rides, two mid-week and one at the weekend. You have got four days when you’re not riding. One of these will always be a rest day and the others can be used for cross-training, extra rest or, on two of them, you are given the option of bonus sessions. These are flexible to fit in and around you and the time you have available.

The bonus sessions allow more advanced riders to increase their training volume and allow for some development and progression for other riders. For example, on your first time through a three week build, you might decide not to do the bonus sessions. On your next time through, you could do the easier mid-week one and, on your third rotation, try the more taxing weekend ride too. Use your previous training volume and listen to your body to determine whether the bonus sessions are for you. Remember though, more is not always more. The three key sessions are your priority and, if doing the bonus sessions compromises the quality of these, you’re better off not doing them.

You are also given the option to swap one of the midweek sessions for an evening session. Try to juggle the days to give yourself a day off before this and remember this is a substitute for a session, not in addition to it.

Total weekly riding time ranges from just under four hours for a recovery week to just under ten hours for the highest volume build week with both bonus sessions.

Is it all cycling?

No, like all of our plans you have options to fit in cross training sessions. During the season it is important that any cross training does not cause unnecessary fatigue and impact negatively on your riding. Our mobility routine, yoga or Pilates can be good restorative options.

How does it work?

The plan is comprised of six different training weeks that can be fitted around you.

Build 1, Build 2 and Build 3 are your standard progressive training weeks. As you work through them, you will be developing your endurance and, with increased intensity as they progress, also add some top end fitness. Depending on your plans, you don’t have to always complete all three weeks of Build. If you have goals close to each other you may only be able to do one or two weeks but you should always return to Build 1.

Although it can be tempting just to keep on increasing training volume and intensity, week on week, especially if the weather is good, it is by recovering that your body adapts and you become fitter.