Indoor training sessions - Supporting documents

Indoor training sessions - Supporting documents

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Indoor Training Sessions - Supporting documents for the Intermediate / Advanced Training Plans

If time isn’t on your side, comes in unpredictable chunks or the weather is preventing you from riding outside, then having an indoor trainer set-up and ready to go is essential for maintaining consistent training.

Find a full selection of indoor sessions below that are used to support the Intermediate / Advanced British Cycling Training Plans.


1 Minute intervals 

 Pyramid Intervals 1

Pyramid Intervals 2

Ramped Intervals

Spin out session

20 minute warm up

Under / Over

Leg Speed

2 x 20

Big gear low cadence

Geared Sprint

Intensity slide

Russian steps

Sweet spot intervals

You can also find the other supporting documents for all British Cycling Training Plans including the warm-ups and fitness testing and outdoor sessions to support your training and the British Cycling Training Plans.


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