Top 10 tips to stay motivated for cycling

Top 10 tips to stay motivated for cycling

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It can sometimes be difficult to find the motivation to get out and train. These top 10 tips will help you to keep getting the miles in.

1)     Set long term goals

Whether you’re on the Great Britain Cycling Team and working towards the Olympics, a racer wanting to move up a category next season or training for your first sportive, having that one big long term goal will keep you focussed and motivated.

2)     Use short term goals as stepping stones

Long term goals can seem a bit distant so, use short term goals as stepping stones towards them. These can be daily, weekly or monthly. Make sure they challenge you but are attainable. Hitting certain power numbers in a session, a target of distance for a week or a monthly weight loss target are all examples of short term goals.

3)     Use past results

A good result in the past can be really motivating. Pin up a picture of yourself crossing the finish line, on the podium or, if you got a medal, keep it somewhere you will see it regularly.

4)     Use your friends

There is nothing more motivating than knowing you’re meeting up with a group of like-minded people for a ride. If you struggle to get out on your own, join a cycling club. Similarly, if you just can’t motivate yourself to get on the turbo, look to see if there are any spinning classes in your area.

5)     Follow your rivals

Social media is great for tracking what your rivals are doing and using that information to spur you on to outdo them. Remember though, more is not always more and train smart.

6)     Add variety

Bored of the bike? Try something new. Do some strength work, go for a swim, dig your running shoes out or try mountain biking. You will soon be itching to get back out on the road again.

7)     Get enough rest and recovery

A lack of motivation can be a sign that you are overdoing it. Look back over your training and check that you have been allowing adequate recovery. Don’t forget that work, family commitments and other non-cycling factors all contribute to fatigue and have to be considered.

8)     Follow a structured training plan

Having a training plan means you don’t have to cross the additional motivational hurdle of deciding what sort of session to do. If you need that extra encouragement, knowing that you have a coach watching over you can really help.

9)     Something is always better than nothing

Sometimes life gets in the way of cycling and, if you can’t get out for your planned ride, it’s easy to just do nothing. Instead, get on your indoor trainer, do some mobility work or use your foam roller. It all helps and stops you falling into an all or nothing mindset.

10)   Reward yourself

When you do hit a goal, especially if it is your main long term goal, give yourself a bit of time to enjoy it. Don’t just move straight onto your next challenge, give yourself a pat on the back.


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