Nutrition: Recipes

Meal Times


Breakfast lays the nutritional foundations for a successful ride, or equally helps with your recovery the day following a big ride. In this section you will find recipes to kick start your day in the right way.

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Here you will find a variety of lunch meals to suit your needs, whether you have just returned from a ride, or are on a rest or recovery day.

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Evening meal

Whether you are eating following a big ride, or fuelling for the next day’s riding, these evening meal options will provide you with the right balance of essential nutrients.

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Remember the mantra of feeding on the bike, little, early and often. Gels and bars are convenient, but the cost can build up and homemade alternatives can be tastier and just as effective.

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Eating for your ride

Big ride day

Great Britain Cycling Team nutritionists suggest some of their favourite, yet simple recipes to keep you fueled for big training days or long sportives.

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Rest day

Great Britain Cycling Team nutritionists suggest some ideal recipes for rest and recovery days, that will keep you full, avoid over-eating and enhance your recovery.

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