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Andrew Evans

Profile of  Madison-Genesis Injury Consultant and contributing expert Andrew Evans. 

Published on: 12/05/2014

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    Dirk Friel

    We ask Dirk Friel, coach to professional cyclists worldwide and co-founder of TrainingPeaks five quick questions.

    Published on: 22/10/2013

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      Mark Ingham

      We ask GB Cycling Mechanic, Mark Ingham five quick questions about himself.

      Published on: 29/08/2013

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        Martin Evans

        We take a look the role of Martin Evans, lead Strength & Conditioning Coach for British Cycling.

        Published on: 30/07/2013

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          Todd Carver

          Introduction to Todd Carver, Co-Founder of Retul and Chief Fit and Education Officer.          

          Published on: 27/06/2013

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            Andrew Gillott - Coaching and Training expert

            We ask coaching and training expert, Andrew Gillott five quick questions about his interests.

            Published on: 27/03/2013

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              Joe Friel - TrainingPeaks

              We take a look at Joe Friel, founder of TrainingPeaks and training and endurance expert for cyclists. 

              Published on: 07/02/2013

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                Nigel Mitchell - Nutritionist

                We take a look at Nigel Mitchell, head of nutrition for the Great Britain Cycling Team and Team Sky.

                Published on: 15/01/2013

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