Profile: Nick Craig

Profile: Nick Craig

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It is an often over-used term, but if there is a modern day legend in off-road cycling, then it is probably Nick Craig.  A former National Champion in both Cross-Country Mountain Bike and Cyclo-Cross and three time winner of the three peaks Cyclo-Cross race.

Nick’s experience from regional, national, international, and two Olympic games as a competitor and all round nicest guy in Mountain Biking means that he is the perfect person to deliver expert insight in the world of Off Road Riding: Cyclo-Cross and Mountain Bike.

Five Quick Questions with Nick Craig

When did you start riding?

NC: I’ve been riding since before I can remember but I first started racing cyclocross aged nine.

What motivates you?

NC: I just love riding and how it makes me feel. It doesn’t even have to be a perfect day. I went out the other week for two hours with my son, dropped him off and then went out for another two hours on my own. It was cold, wet but I got home and was just gushing to my wife about how much I’d enjoyed it. I don’t know what it is about something that seems so horrible but it’s just great. Racing does motivate me to train but, even when I haven’t got races lined up, I just love riding my bike.

What in your opinion was the best race of your career?

NC: It’d be breaking into the top 10 in the World Cup at Nappa Valley in 1998. However, my win in the National Schoolboy Champs in 1984 was really special too. I decided I was going to enter it, train for it and win it... and I did.


NC: I had cycling heroes when I was a kid but have since found out that they weren’t heroes. Now, it’d have to be my Dad.

What advice would you give to a young rider?

NC: Enjoy it, enjoy it, enjoy it.


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