Working Together: A TrainingPeaks and Zwift Guide

Working Together: A TrainingPeaks and Zwift Guide

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TrainingPeaks is British Cycling’s Official Training Software Supplier and Zwift is British Cycling’s Official Training Community. These two powerful training platforms combine to give riders the tools to improve their training, no matter what their goals or ambitions are.


is an online and mobile software platform that helps you plan, perform, and track your training as you prepare for your goal events. This powerful training platform allows you to easily create structured workouts, precisely track your progress, and ensure that you reach race day in peak form. It sets out all the information very clearly and in an easy-to-understand format, educating the user for the future training and development.


offers hundreds of kilometers of virtual roads to explore, group rides to join, workouts for training, and races to compete in. Zwift features several integrated tools that make it easy and fun to stick to your training plan.

Sync your accounts

To link your TrainingPeaks and Zwift accounts, simply log into or visit and check to see if your TrainingPeaks account is synced.  After you connect your accounts, your workout data will instantly upload to your TrainingPeaks calendar. In addition, any structured workouts, such as those in the British Cycling Digital Training Plans, on your TrainingPeaks calendar will automatically appear in your list of Custom Workouts in Zwift.

Plan your year on TrainingPeaks

Take advantage of The Annual Training Plan (ATP) tool to build a season-long, periodisation plan that ensures you are in the best shape for your seasons goal. You can plan using either the Training Stress Score (TSS) or training hours and be set weekly targets for these metrics. You can also access an extensive library of training plans, including the British Cycling Digital Training Plans.

Ride your workouts on Zwift

If you have linked your TrainingPeaks and Zwift accounts, any built workout that is on your TrainingPeaks calendar will synch on that day to Workouts on Zwift. Simply click on TrainingPeaks Custom Workouts dropdown on the Select Your Workout and “Ride On”. The workout will only be available on the day that it’s scheduled on your TrainingPeaks calendar.

If you’d prefer all of your built workouts on TrainingPeaks to always be available to you on Zwift, this is possible.

1)    Drop the workout into your calendar on TrainingPeaks.

2)    Click on the workout to open it.

3)    Click on the Export Workout File icon (blue downward pointing arrow into a box below Analyse button).

4) Once you have the .zwo file, follow the steps on this link to import it onto your device. Once you have uploaded it to your account, it’ll be available on any device.

All workouts in our 8-week Indoor Time Efficient Training Plan and the midweek workouts in the rest of our Digital Training Plans are fully built and scripted to be used on Zwift as Custom Workouts.


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