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Useful downloads and links

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This section of the talent development website has been designed to support you with useful resources and downloads which are relevant to your journey either as a club, coach, rider or parent.

The Rider Journey - Talent Pathway Diagrams

Both diagrams below show the rider journey and 'pathway stages' open to riders who are part of the Talent Development Programme - the pathways generally consist of local, regional, and national stages. This is the British Cycling Sport England funded pathway and is titled 'British Cycling Talent Development Pathway'. 

Click on any of the two below diagrams to expand and download them. 

The Olympic and Non-Olympic Pathways 

  Pathway Diagram

The Paralympic Pathway 

Para Pathway  

Talent Development Rider Handbook

Talent Handbook

Strength and Conditioning Basics 

S & C Download

These handy videos will also support the pre and post routines found in the strength and conditioning booklet:

Squat Split Squat Glute Bridge SpidermanT-Spine


Support for different areas of the Zwift platform, from turning off 'ERG Mode' to understanding which course to ride and race on, the answer will be below.  All details of the Talent Zwift events can be found here:

How to use Zwift

Zwift Account for young people 

Disable ERG Mode 

Zwift Insider 

Zwift on rollers

Youth Guides to Competition

We have produced clear and concise guides which introduce British Cycling’s various policies and programmes for young people.  These guides have a specific focus on; competition structure, age categories, event specific demands and cover all six cycling disciplines. 

BMX Circuit/Road Track Mountain Bike Cycle Speedway Cyclo-Cross


Youth Specific Racing Information

BMX Circuit/Road Track Mountain Bike Cycle Speedway Cyclo-Cross

External Links

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