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National Schools of Racing (NSR) are a new initiative developed by British Cycling, this part of the programme is designed to enable the talent development programme to turn up and down the volume of delivery on certain disciplines and genders. 

This then enables the talent development team each year to accelerate growth in areas which require more support which in turn supports progress into Great Britain Cycling Team programmes.  

What is the focus for 2019/20?

  • BMX
  • MTB
  • Circuit/Track – Females

How do you get on an NSR?

Riders here are typically a year younger than the age they can move into the Great Britain Cycling Team, riders will be invited from Development Centres and RSR sessions by the talent development coaches.

How is it done?

For the first time ever, these sessions will look to connect with the Great Britain Cycling Team (GBCT) programme, for example, disciplines will share sessions (track time, camps etc) to support a smoother transition into GBCT programmes. 

When and where do NSR sessions take place?

During the year, NSR sessions will be delivered and will align with the racing season, sessions will normally bring a large cohort of riders together in one location.