British Cycling Talent Development Zwift Activity

British Cycling Talent Development Zwift Activity

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The British Cycling Talent Development pathway will be hosting two sessions a week using the Zwift platform to support young people and their clubs.

All talent development activities are open to all riders within the U16 & U14 age categories, are free to enter, and will be supported by an audio communication app enabling riders to chat with each other and coaches.

About the Talent Development Programme

The British Cycling Talent Development programme is a Sport England funded pathway delivering activity to clubs and athletes in England.  The programme focuses on identifying, supporting and developing young bike riders on and off the bike.  More information on the talent programme can be found here.

Development Centre – Workout Session

Every Tuesday evening, riders will be able to take part in a different workout session; from Russian steps, standing starts to delivering the perfect FTP, these workouts will be run by the Talent Development coaching team who will guide you through each session ensuring you are getting the best from your training workout.  These sessions will benefit all youth riders across all cycling disciplines, including youth riders from other sports.

Race Night

Thursday evenings will see an U16 & U14 youth-specific race take place using mixed courses from the Zwift catalogue. From the Yorkshire road world championships course to the original Watopia route, each race will focus on a different terrain challenging all riders.  All youth riders should ride within their British Cycling age gear restriction and ensure that their Zwift account accurately reflects their height and weight.  These races are aimed at being fun and enjoyable, and no points will be allocated to these races.

Entry for all these events can be found by clicking the button below: