Tre Whyte: Riding in the rain and wind "a nightmare"

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Great Britain Cycling Team's Tre Whyte is focussed on making the final ahead of the second round of the UCI BMX Supercross World Cup in Papendal.

Having made the final in the first round of the world cup, held at the National Cycling Centre in Manchester, the 21-year-old wants to repeat the trick in Holland after a crash denied him the chance to push for the podium behind teammate Liam Phillips.

"I was obviously really happy to make the final in Manchester but once you make the final you just want to go for it and show what you can do.

“I was fourth and fighting for position so it would have been nice to see what I'd have been able to get from the race but like I said back in January I wanted to make a final and I managed to do that.

"After crashing, which wasn't my fault, I can look back and feel happy about making it (to the final)."

Tre Whyte reached his first world cup final in Manchester

The Peckham-born rider feels confident that he can at least match his performance on the larger outdoor track.

"I'm going there hoping to make the final but obviously I want to do better than I did in Manchester.

“It's not my home track and it's probably a bit bigger and windier but I'm going there hoping to make the final and do better than I did in Manchester.

"Papendal is a big open track and from what I've seen the jumps aren't too big or too small so you can really ride fast and push through the jumps and as long as you can get down the first straight fast the rest is history.

"My strength is racing. I race well in Manchester and if I can repeat that and race that well in Papendal then I think I'll be fine."

With the weather expected to match the downpours that featured in last year's race, Whyte is wary of the dangers that these conditions can cause.

Tre Whyte and Kyle Evans in action at round one in Manchester.

"It's a nightmare. Riding in the rain and the wind is a bit of a nightmare but then I think that everyone else has to do it anyway so you can't dwell on how bad the weather is or how windy it is.

“You have to just get stuck in and I think that the most positive person will have the upper hand."

Papendal is the final world cup event prior to the world championships in July and last year's bronze medalist in Rotterdam wants to make another final and see what happens from there.

"I haven't thought about it too much but if I'm heading to the worlds then I want to be making a final for sure.

“Last year was a great result and obviously it would be amazing to do it again but realistically to make the final in the world championships is a big goal and one that's hard to do.

“But if I can make the final than anything can happen, as I know, so my aim is to make the final and really get stuck in."

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