Organising your first event


Cyclo-cross is the fastest growing discipline in British at the moment. Due to its accessibility for riders cyclo-cross events are very popular to organise.


The following questions will help you to decide whether you want to host an event.


What type of event should I run as a first time organiser?


Races are traditionally held in autumn and winter months over a course of 1-2km in length. Some regions host summer cyclo-cross leagues and gain good fields of riders. These must be held as non-ranking events due to not being held during the main part of the season.


All ages are supported at races in cyclo-cross from as young as four in dedicated categories over a fully scheduled day of racing.


Many regions host events as part of a league throughout the winter months. If you feel that you would like to organise as part of a regional league please go to your regions website for further details, these can be found at the bottom of the page.  


Who should I run the event for?

At a traditional cyclo-cross race meeting all races are split into separate categories with some categories riding at the same time in some cases. The race categories traditionally consist of the following:


-Under 8’s


-Under 10’s


-Under 12’s


-Youth (Under 16’s)


-Juniors (in the years' of their 17th & 18th Birthday)


-Seniors (aged 19 to 39)


-Veteran Men (aged 40+)




Where should I host the event?

Races are generally held on public parks and other open spaces. Race surfaces can include grass, gravel, tarmac, and sand with a variety of terrain. Some organisers offer man-made obstacles such as hurdles and steps which force riders to get off the bike and run which is deemed acceptable for cyclo-cross. 


When should I host the event?

You don’t want to clash with a similar event on the same day so do a bit of research on when certain events are planned to run. Existing organisers usually stick to the same or similar date year after year so check previous seasons race calendars so that you avoid clashes with other events close by in your region. You’re Regional Events Officer will be able to guide you on a date if you are still unsure.


Why should I host an event?

People organise for a variety of different reasons. For some it offers an opportunity to give something back to the sport. Other people find it provides the opportunity to develop a new skill, and build experience and knowledge of the sport.


If you are still interested in organising an event please contact your Regional Events Officer


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