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Register your event

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Registering your event with British Cycling is simple. 

Everything is done online via the event organiser dashboard. Simply login to your event organiser dashboard here to create and submit your event for approval.

If you are having problems please call our events team on 0161 274 2020 or email

If you are new to organising an event, or having registered an event with British Cycling before please contact your regional events officer to discuss your event plans and registering as an event organiser.

All registered events are to be run under the guidelines and regulations of British Cycling which coincide with the event insurance cover. All event organiser benefit from British Cycling's event insurance, where a levy if payable per rider on the start sheet. Levies are due within seven days post event and can be paid via the organiiser dashboard here.

You can view registration costs and levy fees and download the guidelines and regulations documents.

Please note that British Cycling do not accept any event registration requests less than seven days before the event date.

*Please note if you do not have a British Cycling membership, we can arrange a free new event organiser’s bronze membership. If you have a current membership and do not yet have the event organiser tab within your dashboard please contact or call 0161 274 2020.