Volunteers: In Focus - July 2021

Volunteers: In Focus - July 2021


We are making 2021 the Year of the Volunteer and shining a light on the brilliant work volunteers do for all forms of cycling across the home nations. We want to acknowledge the huge contribution volunteers make to cycling, and recognise the wide variety of roles undertaken to activate, support, lead, and deliver at all levels. 

Each month, we are taking nominations from our across the regions and home nations. If you think someone deserves a mention, get in touch on social media with your respective regional or national teams or via @BCCoaches on Twitter.

A huge thank you and well done to all that have been nominated in July 2021 from everyone at British Cycling.

Name: Dan Randon

Region: Leicestershire, East Midlands

Role and/or Qualifications: Ride Leader - HSBC UK Guided Ride programme, Area Co-ordinator

Dan has a huge passion for cycling and wants to make sure that everyone has equal opportunities to get involved. He has led over 150 Guided Rides since the programme’s inception in 2017 and his enthusiasm has never wavered. Dan has continued to engage with fellow ride leaders, offering support, assisting on rides, and offering a calm, happy and positive attitude. Dan not only continues to volunteer within the Guided Ride programme, he is also a consistent and reliable member of the Let’s Ride Pop-up team in both Nottingham and Leicester never failing to bring the hot drinks and biscuits, along with his enthusiasm and passion for cycling.

Over the years of being involved in the Guided Ride programme Dan has continued to go above and beyond when it comes to leading rides, from leading rides all over the UK whilst on a family holiday, leading rides to and from British Cycling events and much more.

With a bar already set to an incredibly high standard Dan has, yet again, raised it with a plan to deliver 42 consecutive rides in line with British Cycling’s Let’s Ride Summer of Cycling.

British Cycling Values: Unity, Passion

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Name: Kara Tranter

Region: Wyre Forrest CC, Stourport.  West Midlands

Role(s) and/or Qualifications: Coach, Event Organiser, Ride Leader, Ambassador

Kara has been the driving force behind the women’s ‘Coaching to Racing’ series at Wyre Forest/Stourport circuit, serving existing members and people from the wider community. She has done a brilliant job of building skills and confidence of those involved and has linked this to the ‘Ladies Challenge Cup’ that saw new and existing racers take on a 3-part series that included a road race, a crit, and a time trial. Since the challenge cup, the coaching has continued, whilst also included a social ‘women only’ road ride on alternate weeks. Excellent work Kara, you are a brilliant role model within our region

British Cycling Values: Passion; Innovation

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Name: Adam Cooke

Region: North East, Reifen Racing

Role(s) and/or Qualifications: Event Organiser, Club Secretary 

Adam Cooke is club secretary and takes on the role of event organiser for the team. While exploring the possibility of organising a regional Mountain Bike Cross Country event for the summer of 2021, as there were no events in the region, he was able to agree the use of Kirkley Cycles & Cafe, near Ponteland. This venue has been used for MTB XC in the past, but the trails had all fallen into disrepair. Reifen Racing were able to link up with Scott UK (who have their headquarters in the North East) and agreed sponsorship and support for a series of three Friday evening events in July 2021. Acting as project manager Adam organised work groups, hired equipment and co-opted expertise to re-open and improve the disused MTB trails. The events have attracted enthusiastic fields of riders, and the course has continued to improve between each round. The second event was won by National XC Champion Frazer Clacherty.

North East Regional Chairman, Steve Tunmore said, "Without Adam's enthusiasm, commitment and organisational skills, these events could not have happened. It is great to see a racing team like Reifen, leading the sport forward and creating great regional events"

Adam's ability to enthusiastically draw together and manage a wide pool of volunteers to make these events happen in such a short period of time has been inspiring. He is also organising a regional road on Sunday 1st August, two days after the last round of the MTB XC Series.

British Cycling Values: Unity; Passion; Integrity; Innovation

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Name: Peter MacLellan  

Region: South, Portsmouth North End Cycling Club

Role(s) and/or Qualifications: Club Vice Chairman

Throughout the COVID-19 restrictions faced by clubs Pete has navigated the club rides for Portsmouth North End Cycling Club, from everyone Zwifting to over 50 riders every week in COVID compliant groups. This has involved a whole load of preparation and planning including contacting local cafes to ensure that members were able to visit and be safe.

Madeline Verdegaal, Club & Coaching Officer for the South Region, said "Pete has grown the club by 20% in 12 months! This is a huge achievement considering the challenges faced by sport in the last 18 months. Pete has been working tirelessly to get Portsmouth North End CC on the map and deserves some great appreciation

Our clubs in the South region have many volunteers that represent our core values in a variety of different ways. Pete's role in leading club rides is not uncommon but it should not be overlooked. Volunteers like Pete are needed in every club and their commitment is commendable."

British Cycling Values: Unity; Passion

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 Name: Ian Lloyd

 Region: South East, VC Londres

 Role(s) and/or Qualifications: Event Organiser

Ian has made an immeasurable contribution to supporting the resurrection of youth & junior racing in the south east region. Supported by a small army of VCL volunteers Ian and the team successfully ran a number of key ‘test events’ earlier this year, including two spectacular weekends of youth racing with the April and May editions of VC Londres Deux Jours de Cyclopark. Despite the fluid state of the country during the pandemic Ian was undeterred and the levels of planning and coordination were exemplary. If this wasn’t successful enough, Ian then went on to run 2 national level events incorporating a round of the Youth National series at Cyclopark and Lydden Hill (a new venue for us in 2021), a round of the National Youth Omnium at Herne Hill, as well as his clubs Team Track Champs.

Luke Anderson, Cycling Delivery Manager wished to share his gratitide "To say he’s had a busy 6 months is an understatement and the Regional Events Organiser and wider regional team wish to extend our thanks to Ian for all his delivery thus far- Kudos!”

British Cycling Values: Unity; Passion

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Name: Tracey Clapton

Region: South West, Cornwall BMX Club

Role(s) and/or Qualifications: Level 2 Coach

Tracey is a passionate BMX coach in the South West, running engaging coaching sessions for Under 11s to support the Go-Ride section of the club. She is also committed to getting more women and girls riding BMX, running the club's BMXercise and Teen BMX sessions.

Roy Major (Head Coach and Chairman) said "Tracey is an amazing asset to the club. As a former British BMX Champion, she has a wealth of knowledge from BMX racing as well as a lifetime of enjoying cycling. She has a great rapport with all the riders she coaches, but especially our younger riders. She introduced BMXercise & Teen BMX to the club which, thanks to her, has gone from strength to strength. She has actively encouraged and helped other women to start the journey to become coaches through our club's coaching academy. One of those has just completed her Level 1 qualification. Recently Tracey has helped start and run an after-school club open to all of Cornwall for riders 11 years and under and that is growing in popularity week on week. She has worked with the club to ensure that all club coaching sessions are totally inclusive for riders attending who may have social or physical disabilities. She is also running sessions for schools through the summer which provide full time specialist co-education for young people who have social, emotional, mental health and communication difficulties or associated behaviours that challenge. All of these sessions require a lot of commitment of her personal time for planning and preparation and on behalf of the club, I can't thank her enough."

British Cycling Values: Unity; Passion; Integrity

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Name: Iain Childs

Region: North West, Kendal Cycle Club

Role(s) and/or Qualifications: Club Founder, and Coaching Secretary

Iain Childs is the founder of Kendal Cycle Club, he was the Club's first Chair and currently manages and organises the Tuesday (Junior Go-Ride) and Thursday (Junior Mountain Bike) coaching sessions. He is on the junior committee and is the Coaching Secretary for the senior committee.

In 2015 Iain started to develop ideas around coaching children's cycling in Kendal. He quickly came to the conclusion that the only way to do this was to formally create a cycle club. In October 2015, Kendal Cycle Club was formed with Iain as the Chair.  With the support of a strong committee, the Club quickly grew and became a Go-Ride Registered Club with Clubmark status.  The Club's ethos is to promote and develop all aspects of cycling, be inclusive to all and to do this in a friendly and enjoyable environment.

After the successful launch of the senior club, Iain started to focus on the juniors. Iain developed a flight path taking children from the age of 4 and providing coaching for road and off-road until the age of 18. Iain has helped create a strong relationship with Cog Set (a junior cycling club in Lancaster) and the Thursday mountain biking sessions includes coaches and members from Kendal Cycle Club and Cog Set.

The Club also partnered with Cycling Projects and developed Kendal Wheels for All which provides accessible cycling sessions on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Graham Tetlow, Kendal Cycle Clubs' Membership Secretary: "It is safe to say without Iain’s enthusiasm, leadership and knowledge Kendal Cycle Club would not be the successful club it is today. Since establishing the Club in 2015 Iain has worked tirelessly to ensure the club provides a friendly environment which welcomes riders of all ages and abilities. This vision has seen the club grow to over 750 members with over 250 women and 150 juniors. 

It was always important to Iain that the Club should establish a GoRide section to coach, educate and motivate young riders to develop and progress within the sport. The Club now runs training and coaching sessions throughout the summer with indoor sessions during the winter. Iain has been responsible for the preparation, implementation of coaching and the continued progression of junior members and is always in attendance at coaching sessions helping and motivating young riders. Creating a new cycling club throws up many challenges which requires skillful leadership and knowledge to overcome them. Without Iain’s dedication and application, we would not have the Club we have today which members feel justly proud to be a part of."

Guy Pocock, Kendal Cycle Clubs' Volunteer Secretary: "I am the Volunteer Secretary for Kendal Cycle Club and have held this position for around 4 years. During this time Iain Childs who both founded and led the Club since is conception, has inspired members of the Club (including myself) through what seems to be an immeasurable and unstoppable enthusiasm for others to enjoy cycling and progress their own levels of skill and ability. He has done this through his natural ability for leadership and dedication to coaching. I cannot even begin to calculate how many hours, days and weeks Iain has dedicated to the Club and its members who range from juniors to our oldest member of around 86 years!"

After a lengthy period as Chair of Kendal CC, Iain stepped down to let others 'take a turn at the helm', however he immediately took up the position of Club Coach working particularly with the Junior section which is incredibly popular in and around Kendal and has a significant waiting list for places. This move from Chair to Coach highlights Iain's continuing desire to help and guide others into this wonderful sport. If there is a more dedicated individual involved in cycling, then I'd like to meet them and shake their hand! Chapeau Iain - without you much of what has been achieved at the Club including the 750 strong membership we have, would not have happened.

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