Accredited Prior Learning (APL)

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Accredited Prior Learning (APL)

The purpose of outcome driven modules in coaching awards is to ensure that coaches are able to clearly see what the expected level of knowledge and understanding is following completion of each module. The outcomes for each module are preceded by the statement: "By the end of this section, you should be able to:". The full list of outcomes (arranged by course and module) are available below.

If you have already covered the information from one (or more) modules in a course, by attending other Coaching, Further or Higher Education courses, you can apply to British Cycling Coaching and Education for APL. APL or Accredited Prior Experiential Learning (APEL) is available to all candidates. However, British Cycling Coaching and Education must agree your application prior to the first day of the course.

How to Apply for APL

The APL application process requires you to provide satisfactory written evidence that all learning outcomes for a module have been met.

  • If you have attended a relevant sports coach UK course, production of an attendance certificate will be sufficient to gain APL for that module.
  • If you have covered the information within a module in a Further or Higher Education course, you will need to provide copies of the relevant learning outcomes from the course studied, together with a Certificate of Attendance for the course. You will also need to cross-reference the learning outcomes from the course to the learning outcomes for the British Cycling module.

Once you have identified the modules that you are eligible to apply for APL for and have collated the required evidence (described above), you should submit your application to the Coaching and Education Manager at British Cycling. The APL forms below will help you submit your application.

British Cycling APL forms

To assist you with your APL application we have listed learning outcomes by course and module, the APL available for each module and the monetary discount available if APL is approved.

  • Level 1 Coaching Award Learning Outcomes and APL Form
  • Level 2 Certificate in Coaching Cycling Learning Outcomes and APL Form

We are currently reviewing our APL process alongside the development of our qualifications, therefore amended APL forms will be available soon. For further details please contact the Coaching and Education Department.