Inclusive Cycling Workshop

Inclusive Cycling Workshop

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British Cycling's workshop providing knowledge and practical experience to help you deliver activities to support more people with impairments and health conditions to get active in cycling.

Who is it for?

Inclusive Cycling is open to all who work or volunteer in cycling and are passionate about supporting more disabled people to be active in cycling. On completion, participants will have the knowledge and skills to hold fun and engaging sessions that will support more people with impairments and health conditions to participate in their cycling activities.

What will you learn?

Inclusive Cycling involves a range of classroom and practical activities and covers topics such as:

  • What is disability
  • Methods of adapting activities
  • Applying adaptations in different cycling contexts
  • Exploring how different machines impact on cycling activity.

By inviting people from many different cycling contexts such as clubs, coaching, Bikeability instructors, ride leaders. People will be able to share knowledge, best practice and explore different ways to adapt and include more people.

What is required?

On course

  • Attendees will need to bring their own cycle and helmet
  • Be prepared to participate in practical activities if able.
  • Be involved or intending to be involved in delivering cycling activity for others

How much does Inclusive Cycling Workshop cost?

The course cost is £45 (3.5 hour Workshop)

How do I apply?

If you are interested in participating in one of our upcoming Inclusive Cycling courses, please complete an online booking form.

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