Understanding power

Understanding power

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Cycling performance is not simply about hitting the right numbers, but about being able to hit the right numbers at the right time.

To this end, the use of power meters is fundamental to the step-by-step approach used by the World Class Performance Programme at British Cycling to achieve the marginal gains required to optimise the performance of riders.

British Cycling has designed a one-day workshop to provide coaches and riders with the knowledge required to monitor and evaluate performance in training and racing using a power meter with the aim of improving their coaching or training practice.

About the course

The course is specifically recommended as CPD for British Cycling and British Triathlon Level 3 Coaches who wish to develop their understanding of cycling performance and benchmark testing using power measurement.

Riders with a good understanding of training zones and physiological energy systems are also welcome to attend. Topics within the workshop and accompanying 45 page handbook include:

  • Introduction to Power
  • Equipment and Measurement Error
  • Physiology and Training Zones
  • Performance Analysis: Performance Testing, Benchmarking and Analysing Data with a Power Meter

The course does not include an assessment and both coaches and riders alike are eligible, while discounts apply for Level 3 Coaches and British Cycling members.

When is the next course?

Date Location Reference Availability

Please contact coaching@britishcycling.org.uk to register your interest in attending a course.

How much does the workshop cost?

  • £112 British Cycling Level 3 Coach
  • £123 British Cycling Member
  • £150 Standard Price

British Cycling membership provides insurance for coaches, tutors and instructors and starts from as little as £24. For information on how to join, visit the membership homepage.

How do I apply?

Complete and return the following documents:

Application form

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Email coaching

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