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Regional A Commissaire - training

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Ready to take the next step in your Commissaire journey?

As a Regional A commissaire you would be trained to perform the role of chief commissaire at regional level events.

A chief commissaire is the senior official in a regional cycle competition ensuring safe and fair racing. They either act on their own or are supported by other commissaires, depending on the discipline and level of competition. A chief commissaire is expected to support other commissaires in their team to develop and grow for their personal training and the sustainability of the sport.

What does the training involve?

Using a blended approach including online learning, tutor-led discipline-specific seminars and practical experience, you will be guided and supported along a journey to enable you act as Chief Commissaire at Regional events.

Online learning – 4-6 hours

  • The commissaire (as an individual)
  • Leading the team
  • Managing competition
  • Conflict resolution
  • Discipline-specific module

Through the online modules there are questions to check understanding. The online modules need to be completed before attending the seminar on Zoom.

Seminars - Discipline-specific sessions – 1 x 1.5 hours

The discipline-specific sessions are there to further develop the understanding of the chief commissaire's tasks and expectations as required by the specific discipline at regional level events. The online seminars are led by experienced commissaires and British Cycling tutors and assessment is through your contribution and demonstration of understanding.

Practical event-based training

Once you have completed both the online learning and seminar, you will provisionally be qualified as a Regional A commissaire. You can then attend events to shadow the chief commissaire and gain experience under supervision; the chief commissaire will provide you with feedback and complete your assessment/feedback at the end of each event.

Your Sport Developer can support you, or put you in touch with the right person, to arrange attending events. There may also be mentors available, as well as support and advice from your peer commissaires.

As your experience and confidence in the role develops, and once your assessments are satisfactorily completed, you can apply to become a Regional A Commissaire.

How much does it cost?

The course is free as you will be supporting cycle sport events as a commissaire.

How long will the course take to complete?

The initial training - including online learning and classroom/seminar - will take at least three weeks from enrolling.

What do I need to enrol?

To enrol onto the Regional A training, you must:

  • be a licenced and active Regional B commissaire in the discipline you are applying for.
  • hold a Bronze, Silver, Gold or Ride British Cycling membership
  • have an excellent understanding of the rules regulating your chosen discipline
  • be IT literate to complete and submit administration and forms via the online commissaire dashboard
  • have good communication skills to enable prompt exchanges, provide clear instructions and honest feedback
  • have gained some experience of observing chief commissaires or other event officiating or organisation experience.

How do I book onto a course?

Invites will be sent by email to all those who are currently active Regional B commissaires in the appropriate discipline. The email will let commissaires know when courses are taking place and include a weblink to the application form.

If you have further questions, please contact the Education team on

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