Volunteers: In Focus - April 2023

Volunteers: In Focus - April 2023

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27 April 2023

Throughout 2023 we will be shining a light on the brilliant work our volunteers do for all forms of cycling.  We want to acknowledge the huge contribution made by a wide variety of volunteer roles in making cycling happen – quite simply, it wouldn’t happen without them.

Organising events, officiating, leading group bike rides, opening facilities, marshalling, coaching, managers; the list goes on. It really does take an army of dedicated individuals to make cycling take place and we want to say well done and thank you to all, in particular those nominated for this month’s Volunteers: In Focus!

If you think someone deserves a mention, get in touch on social media with your respective regional or national teams or via @BCCoaches on Twitter.

Name: Deborah Rack and Nicolette Stones

Region: Yorkshire

Role: Breeze Champion

Breeze Champions Deborah Rack and Nicolette Stones have been nominated for the way they jointly managed and dealt with a rider incident on a recent Breeze ride. Unfortunately, one rider became an injured party after becoming victim to a pothole. Although group cycling is a really safe activity, incidents do happen from time to time, and Breeze Champions Deborah and Nicolette responded magnificently not only with the priority injured rider but also managing the other group riders and 3rd parties at the scene. They also followed the response through by continuing to check and offer support in the coming days and weeks.

The injured rider described Deborah’s and Nicolette’s reaction and response as being really calm, practical and fast thinking, and that includes the fact Deborah had also come of her bike as part of the incident. Well done and thank you Deborah and Nicolette!

Volunteer with Breeze

British Cycling Values: Unity, Integrity

Name: Simon Fielding

Region: West Midlands

Role: Timing system operator

Simon is integral to road racing leagues and youth series in the West Midlands. As the timing system operator, it goes without saying that races are dependent on him and the product he provides at no profit to himself.

Will Fotheringham agrees that without Simon, we would be unable to operate regional Road Races to the incredibly high standard that we currently do. Wolverhampton Wheelers Cycling Club Chair Phil Metcalfe suggests that Simon is a stalwart at maintaining the great reputation of the club and ensuring that his presence at racing ensures that Wolverhampton Wheelers remain at the forefront of regional events in the West Midlands.

"Simon shows a huge desire and passion for regional racing and when discussion leads to ways in which we have to secure further systems to ensure that regional racing is as current and able to provide our customer base with solid and fair results - he often is keen to volunteer himself further! He will help out more events outside of his current Road Racing League (26 Races already!) to aid other organisers ensure racing is affordable and professional."

Wolverhampton Wheelers

British Cycling Values: Passion, Unity

Name: Evie Hartley and Dillon Air

Region: East Midlands

Role: Level 1 Flying Start Coaches

Evie Hartley and Dillon Air are Youth A racers from Ilkeston Cycling Club who have both done the Level 1 Flying Start coaching course, a subsidised coaching course for young people aged 14-21. Club coach Richard Clarke has said they are fantastic role models who have been regularly helping with their club sessions and track cluster sessions at Derby Arena. At track cluster sessions they’re regularly seen riding with and helping beginner and intermediate groups enabling constant support on and off track.

Recently Ilkeston Cycling Club hosted the first round of the national paracycling series at Harvey Hadden. A rider in the Youth C (under 12) race had a visual impairment and was in their first ever race. Evie rode beside the rider for the race giving constant support, instruction, and encouragement to enable the rider to race round safely. Both are a credit to Ilkeston Cycling Club, and giving back to the sport at their young age shows that young riders can race and volunteer. Credit goes to Ilkeston Cycling club for creating a great environment for them to thrive in and hopefully bring future riders through in similar fashion.

More on Ilkeston Cycling Club

Level 1 Coaching

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Name: Lisa West

Region: Central

Role: Event Organiser

A member of Twickenham Cycling Club, Lisa has been involved with cycling for over 20 years. She has organised the hugely popular Dave Peck women’s race near Virginia Water for some 12 years, a race organised in memory of former Club Chairman Dave Peck. The race is indeed the opening race of the British Women’s Team Cup, a season long race series for women.

Lisa has now taken up the mantle of running the British Women’s Team Cup, a significant commitment and one that will help ensure the continued success of the series. Club and Group Developer, Catherine Ruffley, told us:

“Participating in the last Dave Peck race were over 75 females, and the race was clearly well organised thanks to Lisa. She shows great inclusivity and integrity to deliver an excellent female road race in the region.”

British Women's Team Cup

Twickenham Cycling Club

British Cycling Values: Integrity, Passion