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Club type: Club
Affiliated: 31/12/2023
Affilation status: Active

Total club members: 134

About our club

Paramount CRT (aka Cycle Racing Team) has it's roots firmly in road racing. Set up by five racers including Mike Jones and Phil Ward twenty five years ago the club has grown, as has cycling, to include a wider cross section of riders with varying wants and needs. We have seasoned, indeed national champion road racers with a huge amount of experience and we have cyclists who want a helping hand to take their first step into racing. We have time triallists, sportive riders, cx riders and mountain bikers and many that do a few or all of these.

What all of us want is to be the best we can be and to enjoy getting out on our bikes. We hope that Paramount CRT is an environment in which you can do just that, where you can learn from others and that through the racing team, which will be a mix of juniors and seniors, we can help bring on the next generation to inspire you.

What we do:
 Promote cycling in an inclusive and accessible manner
 Runs regular club rides, irregular big days out, races, reliability rides and social events
 Hosts a closed facebook group forum for advice and to facilitate ad-hoc rides with other members, and a calendar showing club, local and national events
 Provides high quality club kit at cost prices

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