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HSBC UK Go-Ride Racing is British Cycling's exciting entry-level competition programme, which offers local competition for novice cyclists under the age of 16, helping young people to make a gradual transition into competitive cycling.

Racing events are delivered across the country by Go-Ride Clubs and HSBC UK Go-Ride Coaches, with a range of prizes awarded, including certificates, medals, wristbands and trophies.

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A British Cycling racing licence is not required and the events are strictly aimed at novice racing cyclists.

How clubs can get involved and host their own HSBC UK Go-Ride Racing events

Including entry-level Go-Ride Racing opportunities as part of your club activities will give young riders the chance to experience the thrill and excitement of bike racing.

Hosting a Go-Ride Racing event is easy, all you need is a Level 2 coach and some enthusiastic volunteers. There are many fantastic reasons to get involved:

  • Receive resources and equipment to help you host your events
  • Receive British Cycling prizes to award at your events
  • Events promoted on the British Cycling events calendar
  • Use of the British Cycling event organiser dashboard
  • Use of the British Cycling online entry system
  • Public liability insurance for racing competitions
  • Support from British Cycling’s regional HSBC UK Go-Ride team

HSBC UK Go-Ride Racing

Free kit bag for clubs hosting two or more races per year

Clubs that introduce Go-Ride Racing for the first time are entitled to a free kit bag, including everything you could possibly need for running a race:

  • Set of numbers
  • Six race official bibs
  • Two whistles
  • Two clipboards
  • Set of 50 marker cones
  • 50 plastic posts
  • Two barrier tapes (500m)
  • Lapboard
  • Two PVC promotional banners
  • Set of four race control flags
  • Stopwatch
  • Set of 20 course signs
  • Pack of safety pins
  • Tape measure

A BMX and cycle speedway specific bag is available that includes protective pads and gloves.

Additional free resources for series of races

Go-Ride Racing also provides clubs with bespoke prizes for delivering series of two, four or six events all year round.

HSBC UK Go-Ride Racing

Two race series prize pack

  • 50 certificates
  • Two pairs of premium cycling mitts (full finger mitts for BMX and cycle speedway)
  • Six gold, silver and bronze medals

Four race series prize pack

  • 100 certificates
  • Four pairs of premium cycling mitts
  • 12 gold, silver and bronze medals
  • 40 Go-Ride Racing snap bands

Six-plus race series prize pack

  • 100 certificates
  • 12 pairs of premium cycling mitts
  • 18 gold, silver and bronze medals
  • 60 Go-Ride Racing snap bands
  • 3 gold, silver and bronze trophies

Following the success of the British Cycling Women’s Road Series, the first La Course at the Tour de France and the Women’s Tour in 2014, women’s cycling is on the rise, with the demand for more competitive racing for girls greater than ever before.

This year, the Go-Ride Racing programme will shine a spotlight on Go-Ride Racing events that include a girls-only race, by offering clubs additional resources and support. To celebrate racing for girls, we are encouraging clubs to host a girls-only race within their event, or host a dedicated event for girls.

Find out more

If you are a Go-Ride Club and would like to host your own racing events, please get in touch with the Go-Ride team using the contact details below.

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Rob Mace, development manager - coaching and competition

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Phil Ball, senior development officer - coaching and competition

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